Monthly Archives: May 2015

Leadership and strategic thinking are basic skills that any professional needs to possess in order to advance in their career. However, a recent survey of hiring managers discovered a large gap between the skills entry-level workers needed and the skills they possessed. The survey found that 80 percent of the company hiring managers were searching […]

Now that you have made it through yet another tax season it is time to start thinking about what to do next. Is it too soon to start preparing for next tax season? Should you start looking for new clients? Here is a list of great things to take advantage of the post-tax season time […]

Starting out in a firm, new employees are inspired to stay with a single company and work their way to the top over time. How are these firms growing alongside their talented employees? Firm profitability is a major part of running a business, and this list includes important attributing factors to help increase profitability.   […]

With the ever-growing online software systems for finances, things are getting easier for customers and more difficult for the employees trying to reach them. Are financial advisors at risk with the newest advising software?   Financial advisors are often out of many people’s price range, but this new online application is free – applicable to […]

2015 has been a great year for female executives in the accounting industry, as two of the Big Four accounting firms have named female CEOs. KPMG announced its first-ever female CEO, Lynne Doughtie, on April 21. This might seem like a big milestone for the industry, but statistics have shown an increase in women in […]

During the 2012 presidential election, the Obama and Romney campaigns received over $4 billion from individual donations, political parties, action committees and congressional candidates. The total amount comes to over $4 billion, which is less than the 2012 GDP of Sweden, Austria, Chile and other small countries.   Of that $4 billion, almost $602 million […]

In a survey by AICPA, 25% of Americans say they have been victims of cyber attacks. This number has drastically increased since last year, and consumers are getting increasingly worried. The attacks are enough to change 82% of consumers’ spending habits to cash or check. Forty percent even noted cutting online spending to avoid the […]

As you may have heard, last week FASB issued a proposed Accounting Standards Update that would defer the effective date of its new Revenue Recognition standard by one year. Just because FASB has given more time, it does not mean you should delay investigating the impact it could have. The delay was provided to give […]