Monthly Archives: July 2015

Becoming a CPA and entering the accounting field is the ultimate goal for many. But it’s not often that the business world welcomes a professional accountant who’s younger than most high school students. The exception to the rule? Belicia Cespedes, a teenager who earned her credential before she was even eligible to vote. Cespedes graduated […]

As the world quickly grows and connectivity becomes a primary characteristic of human relationships, accountants are seeing positive impacts of the modern world on an age-old profession. If being a CPA traditionally involved working at an office and constantly creating reports, it is safe to say that those are not the defining features of the […]

When advising your clients on how to best manage their finances, you need to make sure their plan keeps pace with larger socioeconomic trends. Here are five major financial trends and how to advise your clients to mange them. Bank and cash savings will continue to earn little interest Between too much global debt, aging […]

With so much overlap between the job of a CPA and the job of a financial planner, many CPAs are starting to offer financial planning as a service. Life insurance is an integral (and often overlooked) part of financial planning, but there are certain challenges CPAs must overcome in order to help their clients choose […]

Think you don’t need to worry about going concern disclosures because the new FASB rules aren’t in effect yet? Well, we’re encouraging you to think again! Even for those who aren’t implementing ASU 2014-15 early, it is still relevant to discuss going concern disclosures now under existing rules. Going Concern is an area of uncertainty, […]

In this spring season, the “cleaning out” mentality can go for more than just your house. Consider your clients and what things they might need to refresh or adjust. To give you a head start, here are four financial areas your clients might need to spring clean. Their Spending- Some people are good with money […]

It all started with a jewelry organizer. In her early days as an entrepreneur, Lori Greiner would come up with an idea, not pursue it and then kick herself later when someone else actually did. Finally, in 1996, Greiner invented a plastic earring organizer that sold out in four minutes and started her down the […]

In June, the California Labor Commissioner’s office ruled that San Francisco Uber driver Barbra Anne Berwick was an employee and not an independent contactor, entitling Berwick to more than a $4,000 reimbursement for mileage and toll expenses. The ruling stated that Berwick’s services were integral to the company’s business model: without drivers, Uber wouldn’t exist. […]

Whether you’ve been in the area for a long time or just moved in, being a CPA in a small town can be a big challenge if you don’t work on your visibility. If you’re concerned that other accountants are already dominating the field in this location, here are some tips that will help you […]

Sometimes, reality gets in the way of the beach house in Florida you planned to retire to when you turned 65. A recent study by Voya Financial found that 60 percent of currently retired U.S workers said their retirement came before they had originally planned. Head of Retirement Income and Advice Strategy at Voya Financial […]