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In our latest blog, find out how to help your clients survie an IRS audit.

In order to keep tax-deductible donations from being abused, the IRS cracks down hard on the rules and regulations to qualify for a donation deduction.

Depending on what stage of life your client is in, some major life events might be hard to think about because they seem far away or maybe they’ve already passed. Either way, make sure you help your clients plan for any of these five life events.


As retirement nears for your clients, they might receive the offer to choose between a retirement pension that is paid regularly throughout retirement, or a lump sum paid once.

If your client is starting a new business, it’s vital that they know the difference between an S Corporation and a Limited Liability Corporation.

When CPAs demonstrate a lack of self-discipline, it affects businesses, clients, stakeholders and fellow accountants. So what can accountants do to stay on track?

There are a number of ways your clients can reduce their tax liability when it comes to paying for their own or their child’s education.

Most people aren’t aware of are the possible ways to offset the the multitude of child related expenses. Social security, dependency exemption, filing status, etc.

Accounting or financial ratios are the relationship between two categories of a financial statement analysis. They form the basis of fundamental analysis.