Monthly Archives: January 2017

executive order

President Trump signed the Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs Executive Order on January 30, 2017 with the intent to scale back federal regulations. It contains a provision requiring agencies to cut two existing regulations for each new regulation put forth.


Lien Foreclosure & Subsequent Sale of Property Owned by Innocent Party was recently OK’d in District Court. Surgent’s Director of Tax & Advisory Content shares his thoughts on why tax delinquency issues should be explored among co-owners prior to purchase and titling.


The IRS posted guidance (2017-15) permitting same-sex married couples to recalculate the prior transfer tax treatment of gifts and bequests made before the U.S. Supreme Court deemed Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional.

tax season-2017-playbook

As you prepare to file taxes for your clients and yourselves this tax season, we’ve highlighted the most important tax court decisions, tax law changes, and IRS rulings that will impact your filings.


No business owner wants to be faced with an IRS audit, and some may never have to, but if you receive a tax audit notice, be prepared with these 5 tips.


In her National Taxpayer Advocate report to Congress this past Tuesday, Nina Olson detailed the annual IRS appropriation of $11.2 billion and highlighted a grave disparity. Ultimately, her report recommends a different approach – one where the IRS assumes that taxpayers, for the most part, seek to obey the tax law, and can re-focus its funds to facilitate compliance by providing taxpayers with the assistance needed to meet their tax obligations.


With ASU No. 2016-20, Technical Corrections and Improvements to Topic 606, Revenue From Contracts With Customers, the FASB continued its response to implementation challenges and requests for clarifications received from the Transition Resource Group (TRG). The TRG, the group of practitioners, accountants and financial statement preparers tasked with vetting questions concerning Topic 606, Revenue from […]