Monthly Archives: August 2017

Are you considering bringing Quickbooks to your CPA Practice? Here’s a 4-step solution from Quickbooks expert Ilene Eisen, CPA.

When it comes to your implementation plan for Topic 606, the FASB’s new revenue recognition model, here are 3 details not to overlook.

Energy is often one of the most ignored — and most important — factors in individual and corporate success. If you think your organization needs an energy boost, here’s a 4-step diagnostic tool to find out, from change management and corporate identity consultant Greg Conderacci.

Life is full of “face it or bury it” decisions. In implementing ASU No. 2016-14, not-for-profits will have to make many face it or bury it decisions. Take a look at these decisions, and weigh your options with help from Surgent!

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