As the world quickly grows and connectivity becomes a primary characteristic of human relationships, accountants are seeing positive impacts of the modern world on an age-old profession. If being a CPA traditionally involved working at an office and constantly creating reports, it is safe to say that those are not the defining features of the job nowadays. Here are three characteristics of a modern CPA:


Tommye E. Barie, chair of the AICPA Board of Directors, recently wrote an article about how travel has given her a new perspective on her own profession. She says that after a business trip to Australia and New Zealand, she came away convinced that CPAs are part of a connected profession with similar challenges and opportunities regardless of geographic location. Moreover, Barie learned how CPAs fit into a much broader business ecosystem encompassing other professions, clients and stakeholders.


Accounting is evolving to fit the ever-changing world of business, while also making efforts to maintain positive relationships with stakeholders. “We recognized that our profession must adapt, innovate and evolve to maintain its relevance and preserve our place in the modern business ecosystem. That’s as true 10,000 miles away in Australia and New Zealand as it is here at home,” she says.


Across the industry, a focus on gender equality transcends international borders. Barie sees this wave of female leadership and talent as one of the many driving forces of change within accounting. “Each time I meet with a group of women leaders, I impress upon them the importance of confidence and the benefits that come from stepping out of their comfort zone to take measured risks,” she says.

Just like Barie, many CPAs are seeing changes, big and small, within the profession—including new skills and training required for the job. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest continuing professional education from Surgent, a leader in online CPA training. Check out our upcoming webinars today.

This article was sourced from AICPA Insights.

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