3 Ways Surgent's Unlimited CPE for CPAs Is Perfect for You

CPE hours are an integral part of the accounting profession; CPAs use them not only to keep their licenses current, but to stay up-to-date on new technologies and advancements and enhance their careers. However, getting CPE hours isn’t exactly easy, and finding relevant opportunities can be time consuming and frustrating, especially if your deadline is approaching. Luckily, Surgent offers unlimited CPE for CPAs. Below we’ll cover three ways our Unlimited Plus Package is perfect for your lifestyle and career.

1. Career Advancement: Finding Courses Relevant to Your Industry and Growth

CPE hours are more than checking boxes off a required hours list. They’re a useful tool in advancing your career through lifelong learning. We often forget about learning when we (finally) get out of the classroom and (FINALLY) pass the CPA exam. But leveraging CPE to advance your career is a tactical move and can help you achieve your goals within your organization (and your life). Our Unlimited Plus Package offers over 1200 live webinars and 250 self-study courses to meet your needs. We’re also always innovating to keep up with various industries and career tracks.

2. Time Value: Pick a Format that Works for You

Not everyone learns the same. Some of us like to go through materials on our own and take our time, while others learn by listening and interacting. Concurrently, CPAs in different industries have different schedules, and each of us has other obligations outside the office. It’s important you can have access to CPE that is both adapted to your learning style and fits within your schedule. By offering both live webinars and self-study courses, Surgent’s Unlimited Plus Package is meant to fit around your schedule. Maybe you have an open Friday where you can attend one of our webinars, or maybe you need to learn small chucks via self-study. You can adapt both your learning style and your schedule to CPE that fits your needs.

3. Honesty: What Does Unlimited CPE for CPAs Really Mean?

At Surgent, Unlimited means access to thousands of courses in both self-study and live webinar formats that are accredited by 48 state societies. It means twice-yearly updated courses and 72-hour updates to critical changes in the industry. It means making courses accessible, modern, and informative, with your learning style and convenience in mind. If you’re in the market for CPE, check out how we stack up to the competition in our Competitor Hidden Truths. We’re honest and open about what we mean when we say unlimited CPE for CPAs because we want you to have the best CPE experience possible. We want your CPE to be relevant to your career and easy to incorporate into your life.

Ready to get learning? Start here for an overview of all of our CPE offerings.

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