Being able to make a living in an industry you love can make a big difference in how you feel about going to work every day.  Here are five accounting industry gigs that are pretty darn cool:

  1. Sports. Every sports industry and franchise needs accountants – especially in today’s economy where merchandising is king.  Imagine telling someone at a cocktail party that you’re an accountant for the NFL, NBA or MLB?  While you probably won’t be able to talk about how many touchdowns you’ve scored, three point shots you’ve made or number of RBI’s you’ve got under your belt this season, let’s face it – the idea of being a sports industry accountant does seem uber cool.
  2. Fashion. If you can tell the difference between a pair of shoes made by Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo at first glance, perhaps the fashions industry is for you.  You’re bound to find plenty of opportunity as merchandising, seasons and sale cycles never end.  While you’re unlikely to be walking down runways on a daily basis or analyzing tax regulations while someone does your hair and makeup, you’ll definitely have the “in” on what’s hot this season.
  3. CIA & FBI. Whether you’re an agent – or non-agent, accountant – the FBI and the CIA need lots of them to address complex and sophisticated financial investigations. Today’s forensic accountants investigate terrorists, spies, and others involved in financial wrongdoing. Plus, as the world becomes more global and reliant on computerized financial transactions, the need for those who analyze those transactions will likely grow with it. While that’s all well and good, the bottom line is this: how cool would it be to tell someone you’re with the FBI?
  4. Show Biz. Hollywood, the music industry and any type of entertainment accounting can be an exciting way to use your degree – and there is always a need for accountants to handle licensing, merchandizing, taxes and budgets.  While you may be perfectly content to chat with Olga at your current firm’s water cooler; imagine chatting with George Clooney or Meryl Streep instead.  Just saying.
  5. Tech Companies. There are lots of technical companies popping up where the founders are tech savvy, but haven’t got a clue what about debits, credits, budgets or taxes. That’s where you come in. Plus, many tech companies offer a non-traditional work environment that appeal to the millennial generation such as communal work areas, “extra” casual work attire, unlimited access to in-office recreational activities (such as ping-pong, air hockey and foosball – and…wait for it…on-tap beer in the lunch room). Believe it or not, the latter is becoming an increasingly popular perk.

The Accounting field can be as interesting as you want it be – and combining your work with what you love can make for an interesting and gratifying career.

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