A seasoned, top-notch auditor possesses deep financial knowledge of course, but he or she also has highly evolved analytical and critical thinking skills, business acumen, IT knowledge, risk management savvy and effective communication skills.  That didn’t all happen by magic– or overnight.  Building this total package of technical and non-technical knowledge and skill takes time, hard work, and training.  Lots of training.

At Surgent we believe exceptional audit skills training should be available to everyone who performs audit work.  Your ability to progress in your training and deepen your skills continually should exist regardless of whether your firm offers formalized training options.  You should be able to access quality training options whenever you can, from wherever you are.  That’s why we created Surgent’s customizable online audit skills training, available for both in-firm and individual use.

A Modular Approach to Allow You Flexibility


Unlike many of the courses on the market, Surgent’s audit skills training is not organized in linear full day blocks.  Instead, our curriculum consists of 50 self-contained two hour modules which cover areas such as:


  • Code of conduct
  • Fraud risk considerations
  • Compilations and reviews
  • Risk-based audit concepts
  • Internal controls
  • Cash and investments
  • A/R and revenue
  • Property, plant and equipment
  • Inventory
  • A/P, accrued expenses & debt
  • Analytical procedures
  • Sampling
  • Research
  • Financial statement reporting
  • Special audit engagements
  • Client & engagement management
  • Business development
  • Performance measurement
  • Firm leadership
  • Traits of a star performer


These courses, and the many others in the curriculum, are arranged in suggested order to form seven levels of training.  For firms and individuals that want to customize their training experience, the modules can be re-ordered and re-grouped at will.  Users of the curriculum can also purchase a lesser subset of modules if not all modules are relevant to the practice or if a “mix and match” approach mixing Surgent modules and other training material is desired.  No other “off the shelf” audit skills curriculum offers the same level of flexibility.


A Multitude of Delivery Options:


Everyone’s learning needs are different and this includes modes of delivery.  Surgent’s audit skills training modules are available for delivery live onsite at firms nationwide.  They are also available as live public webinars or as live private webinars for a single firm (on request) or as on demand self-study modules for individual or firm access.
Ready to Learn More?

We take great pride in our audit skills training course materials and invite you to learn more by visiting our website or contacting a Surgent training specialist at (800) 778-7436.

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