For accounting firms striving for excellence, choosing a continuing professional education (CPE) provider is a pivotal decision. In this blog post, we will explore five essential considerations in selecting an ideal CPE partner. Our focus is on unveiling the unique advantages that Surgent offers firms aiming to enhance their educational initiatives.

As executives and professionals within accounting firms, your commitment to continuous improvement and staying abreast of industry developments is commendable. The accounting landscape is constantly evolving, with regulatory changes, technological advancements and shifting client expectations shaping the profession. In this dynamic environment, the importance of CPE can’t be overstated. It serves as the linchpin for maintaining competency, ensuring compliance, and driving professional growth. Thus, the decision regarding which CPE provider to partner with holds significant weight, impacting not only individual skill development but also the firm’s overall success and reputation.

Surgent understands the multifaceted needs and aspirations of accounting firms like yours. With a deep-rooted commitment to excellence and innovation, we have curated a comprehensive suite of educational solutions designed to empower professionals at every stage of their careers. From entry-level associates seeking exam preparation to seasoned partners looking to stay ahead of industry trends, Surgent offers tailored resources and support to meet diverse needs.

In this blog, we will delve into the key factors accounting firms should consider when evaluating CPE providers and highlight how Surgent’s offerings align with these criteria to foster organizational success.

Understanding accounting firm needs

Accounting firms must first assess their specific needs before diving into the vast sea of CPE providers. Each firm is unique, with varying sizes and areas of expertise. Whether it’s a small boutique firm or a large multinational corporation, Surgent offers tailored solutions to meet the distinct requirements of every firm.

In understanding the needs of accounting firms, a CPE provider must take a holistic approach, considering factors such as the firm’s size, industry focus and areas of specialization. Agility and cost-effectiveness may be paramount for smaller firms, while larger firms may prioritize scalability and comprehensive coverage across a diverse range of topics.

Surgent’s flexible offerings cater to firms of all sizes, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and solutions tailored to their specific needs. Benefits of partnering with Surgent for accounting firms include:

  • Exam prep: Surgent offers intuitive technology that helps associates pass industry exams up to two times faster than other providers.
  • Continuing professional education: Keep your staff up-to-date on cutting-edge topics with engaging, current content.
  • Staff-level training: Technology and flexibility combine to minimize the administrative burden of learning and development.
  • Leading faculty: SurgentCPE’s experts have won more than 500 CPE Speaker of the Year awards.
  • Timely content: Industry experts provide real-time releases of content when your staff needs it most.
  • All-in-one courses: Enable your staff with immediate, practical application of what they have learned with SurgentCPE’s all-in-one course offerings.
  • Monthly webinar series: SurgentCPE offers monthly webinars that package the latest industry updates, providing your staff with the knowledge they need.
  • Flexible bundles: Buy in bulk with three options for firms of all sizes.

Surgent recognizes that the needs of accounting firms extend beyond just fulfilling CPE requirements. In today’s competitive landscape, firms are seeking strategic partners who can provide value-added services and support to help them achieve their broader business objectives. 

A CPE provider needs to understand the holistic needs of accounting firms and position itself as a trusted ally and strategic partner in driving organizational success. Surgent goes beyond simply offering CPE courses, providing additional resources such as exam preparation, in-firm training and staff-level training to help firms attract, retain and upskill their teams.  

Tracking and reporting capabilities

Efficient credit tracking and reporting are vital for ensuring compliance and managing CPE requirements seamlessly. Surgent goes above and beyond by providing intuitive technology and robust tracking solutions through its Firm CPE Portal. This feature offers instant access to detailed performance reports, allowing firms to monitor their employees’ progress and usage of flex access hours effortlessly.

With Surgent’s Firm CPE Portal, accounting firms gain unprecedented visibility into their employees’ CPE activities. The portal provides comprehensive performance reports that offer insights into completion rates, course participation, and areas of focus. Armed with this data, firm administrators can identify trends, pinpoint areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize their CPE strategy. Additionally, SurgentCPE’s tracking solutions streamline administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources for firms to focus on strategic initiatives.

Surgent’s Firm CPE Portal empowers firms to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. By providing real-time updates and alerts on upcoming deadlines and credit thresholds, the portal ensures that firms stay ahead of compliance issues and mitigate potential risks. Surgent’s tracking and reporting capabilities serve as a cornerstone for firms seeking efficiency, accountability and compliance in their CPE programs.

Course content relevance

One of the hallmarks of Surgent is its commitment to delivering relevant and engaging course content. With a robust catalog of CPE webinars and a full library of self-study courses, Surgent ensures that professionals receive up-to-date education on cutting-edge topics. Surgent is known for being the first to market with courses on new tax laws and legislation, keeping firms ahead of the curve.

Surgent understands that professionals have diverse learning preferences and schedules. To accommodate this, Surgent offers a variety of formats for earning CPE credits, including self-study, live webinars and unlimited CPE packages. Self-study courses provide maximum flexibility, allowing professionals to learn at their own pace and convenience. Whether it’s downloading PDFs or accessing on-demand webcasts, Surgent’s self-study courses cater to professionals with busy schedules or those who prefer independent learning.

For professionals seeking a more interactive and engaging learning experience, Surgent’s live webinars offer the convenience of online learning combined with the interactivity of a classroom setting. Led by industry experts, these webinars cover a wide range of topics and provide opportunities for real-time interaction, Q&A sessions, and peer collaboration. Additionally, Surgent’s unlimited CPE packages offer a cost-effective solution for professionals looking to fulfill their CPE requirements without limitations. With unlimited access to a vast array of courses, professionals can tailor their learning experience to suit their specific interests and career goals.

Cost-effectiveness and value

In today’s competitive landscape, firms always seek ways to maximize value while minimizing costs. Surgent understands this dynamic and offers flexible bundles tailored to firms of all sizes. Whether it’s through bulk purchases or the innovative flex access program, Surgent provides cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

For accounting firms, investing in professional development through CPE is not just about meeting regulatory requirements but fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Surgent recognizes the importance of balancing cost-effectiveness with value, ensuring that firms can access high-quality education without breaking the bank. With Surgent’s flexible bundles, firms can choose the option that best aligns with their budgetary constraints and learning objectives.

Surgent’s innovative flex access program offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for firms with 10 or more CPAs. This program provides firms with a bank of CPE credit hours that can be used by anyone in the firm, allowing for flexibility and scalability as business needs evolve. Administrators can track usage, monitor compliance, and add more hours as needed, providing firms with peace of mind and control over their CPE initiatives. By prioritizing cost-effectiveness and value, Surgent empowers firms to invest in their most valuable asset— their people — while maximizing return on investment.

Reputation and accreditation

When selecting a CPE provider, reputation and accreditation are paramount. Surgent boasts a stellar reputation in the industry, with experts as instructors who have collectively won over 500 CPE Speaker of the Year awards. This accolade not only reflects the expertise and caliber of Surgent’s instructors but also underscores the exceptional quality of the educational content delivered to professionals.

Surgent is accredited by major regulatory bodies, providing firms with peace of mind knowing that they are partnering with a trusted and reputable provider. Accreditation serves as a stamp of approval, affirming Surgent’s commitment to upholding rigorous standards of excellence in education. Firms can rest assured that CPE credits earned through Surgent are recognized and accepted by regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance and maintaining professional integrity. With Surgent, firms can confidently invest in their employees’ professional development, knowing they are aligning with a provider of unmatched reputation and accreditation.

Make Surgent your accounting firm’s trusted CPE partner

Choosing the right CPE partner is crucial for the success of accounting firms, as it directly impacts the professional growth, compliance and overall effectiveness of the firm’s workforce. Surgent offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of firms of all sizes. By partnering with Surgent, firms gain access to a wealth of resources, including a robust catalog of CPE courses, industry-leading experts as instructors and flexible delivery formats ranging from self-study options to live webinars.

By working with Surgent, firms ensure that their associates receive a top-notch education and empower their teams to stay ahead of industry trends, regulatory changes and technological advancements. Surgent’s commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction shines through in every aspect of its offerings, making it the ideal partner for firms seeking to elevate their success. From enhancing employee engagement and retention to driving organizational growth and client satisfaction, Surgent plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of accounting firms and their professionals.

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