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Take a quick break from busy season and hear stand-up comedian Greg Kyte, CPA share his latest joke.

hobby loss for your client

Peter J. Reilly, CPA, a 30-year veteran of accounting and a regular contributor for, discusses the complexities of hobby loss. Watch this video for a crash course in how to navigate this rule for your client.

busy season survey 2016 2017

With just about half of this year’s busy season in the rearview mirror, it’s time to pause and reflect. How has this busy season differed from other years? Take the CPA Trendlines Busy Season survey and tell us.

tax reform video

Though many of the details remain unclear, there’s a general consensus that tax reform is on its way. Forbes’ tax policy blogger, Tony Nitti, CPA, talks about why CPAs need to be prepared for any possible outcome, and why the time to start preparing is now.


President Trump issued a memorandum on February 3, 2017 directing the acting Secretary of Labor to review the DOL fiduciary regulations scheduled to take effect in April 2017, ordering an economic and legal analysis of the impact of these regulations. The President’s memo is not the first time Republications have sought to repeal the DOL fiduciary regulations.


The IRS posted guidance (2017-15) permitting same-sex married couples to recalculate the prior transfer tax treatment of gifts and bequests made before the U.S. Supreme Court deemed Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional.

tax season-2017-playbook

As you prepare to file taxes for your clients and yourselves this tax season, we’ve highlighted the most important tax court decisions, tax law changes, and IRS rulings that will impact your filings.


On the heels of tax filing season, this IRS effort aims to help consumers protect themselves and their financial data against identity theft and tax fraud. But what can firms do to protect consumers, and more importantly, their businesses?


The IRS announced this week that e-Services users will need to re-authenticate their account. The move is part of an initiative to strengthen the security of the agency’s online services, but it involves a very prescriptive and somewhat confusing process. E-Services is an essential tool for tax preparers, yet it was unavailable for much of […]