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With just about half of this year’s busy season in the rearview mirror, it’s time to pause and reflect. Or maybe you’d prefer to just keep your head down and power through to the finish line. If so, we’ll step aside! But if you’re looking to vent about the ups and downs (or maybe the flat course) of the 2017 tax season thus far, considering answering a 5-minute busy season survey that aims to help all tax preparers be better prepared for future tax seasons by helping to highlight trends and patterns.

Rick Telberg, Founder and CEO of CPA Trendlines, has administered a Busy Season Survey for his publication every year since 2009.

“So far for this year, the survey shows that more than 58% of tax and accounting professionals expect a better season this year than in 2016, which, by comparison, was 61% cheerier than 2015,” said Telberg.

Click here to see the full topline results thus far.

Want to weigh in? Take the survey and receive updates on the results.

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Once busy season is over, visit surgentcpe.com for all your CPE webinar and self-study needs.

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