Customer feedback drives the customer experience, which is why Surgent conducts annual customer surveys that ask CPAs to provide feedback about their experiences with Surgent CPE, the competition, and the overall market. These insights allow Surgent to make adjustments to their high quality CPE online courses and continue delivering exactly what CPAs need and want.

In Surgent’s 2017 Annual Survey, there were three ranking factors to quantify how CPAs feel about Surgent CPE compared to other providers in the market. The results showed that among CPAs who expressed a preference:

  • 99% prefer Surgent’s course content over competitors’ content.
  • 97% rated Surgent’s selection of courses better than that of other providers.
  • 98% prefer the Surgent user experience compared to their experience with competitors.

This sentiment demonstrates that Surgent continually meets customer expectations and provides quality content through an effective platform that creates an overall positive customer experience. Surgent’s dedication to providing high quality, updated content has been a staple of the company’s foundation since Jack Surgent founded the company more than 30 years ago.

“With all of the changes on the horizon as Trump’s Tax Plan works its way through Congress, our biggest advantage continues to be our expert authors and instructors, who rapidly bring the very latest information to our customers in a way that’s incredibly relevant. That’s a huge reason why so many CPAs prefer us over competitors. They trust us to keep them informed on tax reform and so many other topics,” said Evan Kramer, CEO.

Surgent offers courses totaling over 7,500 CPE credit hours and counting, making the course offering one of the largest in the market. Surgent continues to evolve its courses to both meet the continuing education needs of CPAs and ensure CPAs can easily earn CPE credits and meet their CPE requirements.


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