Sometimes its tough to get going in the morning, and you might see your tasks pile up on you at the end of the day because of a slow start. Here are five simple tips that can help boost your productivity throughout the day.

  1. Organize your day the night before
    1. Either at the end of your workday or in the evening before you go to bed, take a few minutes to make a list of everything you need to do the next day. If you can, prioritize each task to make sure everything gets done on time. Your list may be fluid throughout the day, but this at least gives you a place to start and helps make sure tasks don’t get lost or forgotten.
  2. Exercise
    1. Science says that morning exercise can help you think and work better, and be more productive. A quick jog or yoga routine in the morning can help get your blood flowing and wake your body up for the day.
  3. Give yourself time to get in the zone
    1. It can take some time to really get the creative juices flowing and totally zone in to your tasks for the day. So when you first sit down and start working, you might feel sluggish or distracted, but don’t get discouraged. Push through and give yourself a few minutes to really get in the flow.
  4. Wear headphones
    1. Headphones with some white noise or your favorite tunes can help shut out distractions from noisy offices and keep things from distracting you. Although don’t turn it up too loud so you don’t hurt your hearing or disturb your desk neighbor.
  5. Do the tough tasks first
    1. Get the biggest, baddest, scariest task done first, and the rest of your day will be more productive without it hanging over your head. Plus, the mental rush of accomplishing your hardest task will give you momentum to check off the rest of your day’s tasks.

There you have it – now you can start being your most productive self. Interested in learning more? Visit our blog for additional accounting and career tips.

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