Your CPE courses aren’t just for keeping your continuing professional education requirements up-to-date, they also can help you grow as a leader and improve your management skills. Here are four self-study webcasts from Surgent that can help nurture your leadership skills and count towards your CPE credits.

Coaching Staff to Stay on the Right Track (A5M8)

Category: Audit Training Skills – Level 5

Leading means motivating, and one-way to motivate is though coaching. Being a successful coach requires that you motivate and provide constructive feedback – both positive and negative­ – to get the best performance and engagement out of team members. In this course, you will learn about motivating in different situations, tips for engaging in difficult conversations with your staff, peers, supervisors and clients, how to give constructive negative feedback and how to create a plan for improvement.

Adapting Different Personality Styles (A6M3)

Category: Audit Skills Training – Level 6

Every individual has a different dominant personality style with relevant strengths and weaknesses. In order to have a successful interaction, you must adapt behaviors to complement, balance or counteract the traits of others. In this course, you’ll learn to define primary personality style characteristics, how to effectively interact with other personality styles, how to leverage strengths and minimize weaknesses in different personality styles, and discover your own personality style.

The Art of Discipline and Getting Things Done (A7M1)

Category: Audit Skills Training – Level 7

As a professional in a supervisory or management role, you are tasked with creating a culture of discipline with the priority being accomplishing tasks effectively and efficiently. This course will cover best practices for maintaining an efficient workplace culture. You will learn about project and time management, how to avoid common time wasters, tips for getting and staying organized, learning to manage stress and tips for having productive meetings.

The Balanced Leader-Manager (A7M4)

Category: Audit Skills Training – Level 7

Maintaining a balance between managing individual engagements and leading a CPA firm are musts for maintaining short-term profitability and long-term viability. This course will help you distinguish between managing and leading, asses your own management and leadership style, learn how to adapt your style to specific circumstances and how to successfully engage in difficult conversations to minimize performance issues and success.

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