Surgent offers many different kinds of continuing professional education for those in the accounting industry. Webinars, while interactive, require you to set aside a block of time to participate. If you’d rather do it on your own time, consider doing self-study. Here are four ways self-study easily integrates into your busy schedule.

Set the pace

Self-study allows you to learn at whatever pace works best for you. In a four-section course, you might find one section a little harder to understand than the others. Self-study allows you to spend extra time on topics you might struggle with and breeze through the sections that come easy.

Take it on the go

Surgent knows you have many outside responsibilities, like your family or organizations, in addition to job responsibilities. The flexibility of self-study allows you to take your studies on-the-go and study when it’s most convenient. Study on the train on your way to work or while waiting to pick up your kids.

Personalized schedule

Self-study also allows you to set personalized goals and create a study schedule. You can set aside time when it is most convenient and study for as long or as little as you like. Consider breaking the course down and setting goals that work best for your learning style and schedule. Also, self-study allows you to stop and start as you need. Whether you are interrupted by phone calls at the office or by a fussy child at home, you can stop and return to your studies with no time constraints.

Real-time results and instant access

You can place your order online anytime and receive downloadable access within minutes with self-study. The CPE certificate arrives in your inbox as soon as you pass the test. This is particularly helpful if you need to complete the course in a short amount of time or with short notice.

Ready to try one of Surgent’s self-study courses? Visit to view a list of Surgent’s specially designed self-study courses for continuing professional education.

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