Whether you’ve been in the area for a long time or just moved in, being a CPA in a small town can be a big challenge if you don’t work on your visibility. If you’re concerned that other accountants are already dominating the field in this location, here are some tips that will help you gain recognition and more importantly, new clients.

1.  Location

It is important for new businesses to find a location that locals can easily see while driving or walking by. When it comes to small towns, people usually drive through the main street and go there to run errands, so make sure you locate yourself close to a well-traveled road so they know where you are.

2. Newspapers

Depending on how small the town is, newspapers are constantly looking for content and new ideas. A good way to get your name out there is to volunteer to write a opinion column once a week. Even though you might not get paid for this task, readers will start seeing your name more and more.

3. Talks

Even though you might not be a local, you are an accounting expert and have a lot to bring to the table. This is why, organizing talks about taxes or an open Q&A to answer common questions that the community might have will bring you credibility and new customers.

4. Networking

It is not necessary to attend a networking event to meet new people. If you are looking for clients, colleagues or just a group of accountants that can guide you through the process, a good idea is to start introducing yourself anywhere you go. Whether you talk to your neighbors or people you just met, make sure to mention your business and try to find out about how the field works in the area.

5. Signage

Besides having a good location where everyone can see you, it is important to use other means to put your name out there. Whether you opt for advertising on benches or billboards on busy highways, it is important to find a strategic point where you will be able to reach your desired clientele.
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