Studies have shown that accounting students and recent accounting graduates see the CPA as a valuable credential in the field. Recent findings by the AICPA discovered that one of the most influential factors in the decision to take the CPA exam is the workplace. So, how can a company encourage young accountants to take the CPA exam?

Early Influence

This AICPA study demonstrated that students start considering a career in accounting as early as high school. Whether their institution offers accounting courses, accounting clubs or regular visits from accounting firms, will determine if the student chooses accounting as a college major.

On-campus Presence

Even though two-thirds (67 percent) of accounting majors plan to become CPAs when they graduate, it is important to keep reinforcing this thought through college years. Research findings demonstrated that on-campus presence of firms that are constantly recruiting students can make a difference in the decision. Other factors that can reinforce the idea of becoming a CPA are college professors, specialized majors and the overall college experience.

Work Requirements

When CPA credentials become a requirement in the workforce, students are more likely to take the exam, as they know it will give them a big advantage when looking for a job in the accounting industry.

Work Alternatives

One of the main concerns that could prevent students and professionals from taking the CPA exam include time off work and paid courses. If a company has a flexible schedule and offers alternatives for those who wish to take the exam, the student is much more likely to become a CPA.

In conclusion, environmental factors play an extremely relevant role in convincing students and professionals to sit for the CPA exam. If firms and universities provide more encouragement and motivation among prospective CPAs, the accounting world will be benefited by more certified professionals ready to enter the workforce.
This article was sourced from the Journal of Accountancy

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