Intuit, a company that makes finance software such as QuickBooks and TurboTax, made tax season a little more fun for accountants in Rhode Island.

On March 30, Intuit announced a new product for the hard-working Rhode Island accountants: beer. However, this isn’t just any beer; it’s beer specifically for accountants!

Intuit wanted to take out some of the sting of busy season, so they partnered with Revival Brewing Company to brew this special beer named “CPA IPA.” Intuit bought ads in the Rhode Island press to advertise this unique offer, and CPAs across the state enjoyed free beer at their local pub to de-stress amidst their busy season.

To CPAs everywhere, let’s celebrate the end of busy season and follow CPA IPA Beer’s advice: Pens down. Bottoms Up.

Via AdWeek and MACPA

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