The number of small and mid-sized accounting firms that belong to international associations has grown over the past few years. However, not all companies take advantage of the benefits membership can bring to the firm.

These international organizations offer benefits that not only can improve the service the firm provides to its clients, but also the way accounting organizations collaborate with one another.

Technical Support & Best Practices
International organizations offer a variety of services such as technical support. Technical expertise comes from all the members of an organization and opportunities for continuing education are broadened.


According to Nancy Damato, president of Accountants Advisory Group, members of the same association often get business from each other. This is a critical benefit for members of the associations as the ability to find new business.

Thought Leadership
When a member of an international association, becoming a thought leader has proven to be one of the most successful ways to form relationships with other partners. Through this an accounting firm can become the primary firm the other companies will send business to.

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