Surgent Accounting & Financial Education Introduces New Courses to Address ChatGPT/Artificial Intelligence and How to Prepare for a Banking Crisis

Debuting just after the tax-filing deadline, new offerings also include courses on exit planning and lessons learned from recent accounting malpractice actions

RADNOR, Pa. (April 4, 2023) Surgent Accounting & Financial Education, a division of KnowFully Learning Group, today announced the introduction of four new continuing professional education (CPE) courses, broadening its content library and enabling the accounting community to navigate critical new concerns such as the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and how to prepare for a potential banking crisis. 

“Though the education landscape is always evolving, the recent introduction of AI through tools such as ChatGPT and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and others are particularly noteworthy events that deeply impact the accounting and finance professions,” said Liz Kolar, Surgent’s executive vice president. “Our new CPE courses, which will debut just after the April 18 tax-filing deadline, include offerings that address these significant developments and demonstrate Surgent’s commitment to meeting customers where they are with the absolute timeliest of content.”

Each two-hour-long course will debut with a live webinar and then be available for on-demand learning. They are as follows (including first air date):

  • April 19: A Complete Tax Guide to Exit Planning (EXP2)
  • April 27: Lessons Learned from Recent Accounting Malpractice Actions (AMA2)
  • May 2: The Risks and Benefits of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (CHT2)
  • May 11: Preparing for and Navigating a Potential Banking Crisis (PBC2)

A Complete Tax Guide to Exit Planning
Worth two CPE, IRS or CTEC credits, this course takes learners through the various issues needed to achieve an effective management and/or ownership change, including tax implications. Designed for CPAs in industry and public accounting who want to gain an understanding of exit planning considerations for their clients, the course will compare exit planning between entity types (C-corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, etc.). 

Lessons Learned from Recent Accounting Malpractice Actions
This course provides a current overview of accounting malpractice litigation throughout the U.S., allowing accounting or financial services professionals to understand the types of claims asserted against CPA firms and strategies to employ to avoid such claims. It is worth two CPE credits.

The Risks and Benefits of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence
It is difficult to overstate how much will change with the rise of AI technologies, such as ChatGPT and its future incarnations, or how important it is that companies embrace the opportunity to leverage them correctly. Having conversations regarding the proper adoption of these technologies and tools is a crucial first step, including drafting policies to assist companies with their beneficial and thoughtful implementation and use.

Worth two CPE credits, this course will define the state of AI tools, what benefits and risks exist, and which steps to take to begin adopting these technologies with appropriate guardrails, policies and training. 

Preparing for and Navigating a Potential Banking Crisis

The collapse of FTX followed by Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank renewed concerns among accounting and financial executives and their boards regarding how to navigate a potential banking crisis and survive. 

Worth two CPE credits, this course explores the challenges of the current monetary trends, the Federal Reserve, the FDIC, and insurance reserves. Learners will analyze their collective and individual impact on accounting and financial executives in areas of credit markets and banking, risk management, cash flow planning strategies, debt and equity mix impacts in uncertain markets, and globalization of the financial markets in times of uncertainty. Specific recommendations and insights will be offered to deal with the challenges, including a discussion on the nuances of FDIC.

“Deciphering the FDIC rules, which are often misunderstood, is top of mind for CFOs, controllers, accountants, and any other accounting and finance professionals who are focused on surviving and learning from our current banking crisis,” said Kolar. “This of-the-moment content – and all the information shared in these four new courses – will help prepare accounting and finance professionals to better serve their clients.”

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