RADNOR, Pa. (April 16, 2024) — Surgent Accounting & Financial Education, a division of KnowFully Learning Group, today announced the introduction of 13 new continuing professional education (CPE) courses set to debut this spring, expanding its industry-leading content library.

“Coming out of tax season, we want to provide our customers a wide array of choices for their continuing education,” said Nick Spoltore, Surgent’s vice president of tax and advisory content. “These topics were thus developed for both technical practitioner necessity and the business development issues so relevant in competitive commerce today.”

Nine of the 13 new CPE courses are in the taxation field of study; of the four non-taxation courses, topics include business management, information technology and marketing.

Each new CPE course will debut with a live webinar and then be available for on-demand learning. All courses are worth two CPE credits except where noted; they are as follows (including the first air date):

The nine new tax courses are highlighted by a pair of miniseries on partnership taxation and S corporation taxation.

“Since pass-throughs are the predominant entity choice among our customers and their clients, these offerings relate to specifically requested points of interest and provide insightful, practical details on current taxation,” said Spoltore.

The Understanding Partnership Taxation series equips participants to navigate the intricacies of partnership structures and tax implications effectively. This series includes three comprehensive courses: PTE2, PTA2 and PTB4. 

The Understanding S Corporation Taxation series offers invaluable insights into the intricacies of S corporation taxation, covering critical topics such as compensation issues; entity-level taxes; late S corporation elections; disproportionate distributions; shareholder basis; accumulated adjustments account; and retained earnings. This series is comprised of three essential courses: SCC2, SCL2 and SCB2.

Registration for all 13 new CPE courses from Surgent is available now at surgentcpe.com.

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Surgent Accounting & Financial Education, a division of KnowFully Learning Group, is a provider of the high-impact education experiences that accounting, tax and financial professionals need throughout their careers. For most of the company’s 35-year history, Surgent has been a trusted provider of continuing professional education (CPE), continuing education (CE) and skill-based training that professionals need to maintain their credentials and stay current on industry changes. More recently, Surgent became one of the fastest-growing certification exam review providers, offering adaptive learning-based courses that help learners pass accounting and finance credentialing exams faster. Learn more at Surgent.com.

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