It is important for all practitioners and controllers to have a better understanding of how the law can impact their practice and their clients. No matter how careful you think you are or how well you think you know the laws, it never hurts to keep your knowledge in check. Our next upcoming webinar on this important subject, Business Law Essentials for Practitioners and Controllers will teach the essentials of business law.

This course will cover basic legal principles that every accountant should be familiar with to avoid common legal disputes and costly litigation. By analyzing business law issues from the standpoint of accountants and auditors, this webinar will help you develop an approach to client and practice issues with a sensitivity and appreciation for the legal ramifications that can occur.

Can you identify the most common legal issues arising in the business context? We want to help you understand the general legal rules applicable to business situations and empower you to identify and resolve them. Register for the webinar today!

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