As the end of the year approaches, so is the deadline for CPA continuing education credits. Whether you’re using self-study CPE or CPE webinars, here are three ways you can make the most of your online education.


Set the mood


One of the many benefits of online learning is that you aren’t constrained to a tiny desk in a classroom all day. But the upside to a traditional classroom is that is an environment dedicated to learning. Since you aren’t studying in a classroom, you have to make your own dedicated learning environment.


Give yourself the best possible environment to encourage learning and set up your study materials in a quiet space with good lighting where you won’t be disturbed. But as tempting as it might be, avoid comfy couches and chairs to avoid nodding off during your studies.


Break it down


Online learning is all about flexibility and convenience. Some course, like live webinars, will require you to watch the entire video at once. But if you choose pre-reordered webinars and self-study courses, you can break them down into bite-sized pieces and develop your own, personalized study schedule to maximize your learning.


Be at your best


Ok, so you’ve dedicated 10 a.m.-11 a.m. every day to work on your CPE credits. But what if a headache strikes at 9:45? One of the major benefits of online learning is that you can learn when it’s best for you. So if you’re feeling sick or really need to finish up that report, you have the freedom to adjust your study schedule to meet your needs so you can be at your best when it’s time to learn.


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