Negotiation: A “Must Have” Skill Everyone Can Master

Uncomfortable with the negotiation process?  If so, you are not alone.  Many of us shy away from it because we imagine negotiators to be too brash, perhaps a bit arrogant, and let’s be honest – somewhat intimidating.
The truth is that negotiation is merely a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement and seasoned negotiators can often achieve greater success for themselves, their clients – and their business.  The bottom line is that negotiation is a “must have” skill that everyone can master.
Unmasking the Art of Negotiation

Learning to become a top-notch negotiator requires a basic understanding of the negotiation process, its component parts how to use it to your advantage.
Our webinar, Negotiating Unmasked, provides participants with a practical approach to the art of negotiating.  Major topics include:

  • Understanding the process and art of negotiating
  • Analyzing the component parts of negotiating
  • Positioning yourself for success
  • Practical steps to improve results


Chances are that many of us already have some negotiating experience – especially those of us with young children who out-negotiate us every day when it comes to bath time, DCAs (daily cookie allowances), and getting ready for bed.  The instinct is there in all of us; we just need to learn the best way to harness it.
Learning from an Expert

Like a good chess player, a good negotiator must anticipate their opponent’s next moves.  There is no better way to learn that than from an expert.  The discussion leader expert of this webinar will illustrate the analytical framework of negotiating, with a sprinkling of war stories based on his extensive experience.  The course’s learning objectives include:

  • Analyzing the decision to negotiate; the costs of negotiating
  • Establishing procedural rules for a negotiation
  • Going beyond theory, buzz-words and hype
  • How to define “success”
  • Identifying the rational and emotional elements of negotiating
  • The pros and cons of how you negotiate
  • Understanding the larger context surrounding a negotiation
  • Unmasking negotiating; revealing the true face of negotiating

As a participant, you will be presented with an analytical framework that will reduce concerns about the process and allow you to concentrate on the subject matter of a negotiation.  You’ll learn how to gain control of a negotiation, react to on-the-fly and extended negotiations, and use the process as a relationship building tool.
Never Underestimate the Value of Your Skills

Don’t you owe it to yourself to become as successful a negotiator as possible?  Never underestimate your own value or skills; you can become a good negotiator with the right tools.   Unconvinced?  Imagine your toddler bathed and in bed before 11pm and without the usual demand of a dozen Oreos beforehand…
CPAs and attorneys who want to become better negotiators should sign up today for Negotiating Unmasked (NEGU) being held on 2/22/16, 3/2/16 and 4/5/16.

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