As a CPA you have made a significant investment in your career and your education by earning and maintaining your license. You’ve come a long way on this often challenging (yet rewarding!) journey, including the hundreds of hours completing your degree, passing the CPA Exam, and working hard to achieve success in your career. And subsequently you’ve put in the required time in to maintain your license and stay on top of changes through your continuing professional education or CPE. The last thing you want to worry about is what happens if your CPE provider goes out of business.

Western CPE as An Example

It’s hard to believe that a CPE provider educating accounting professionals could be in this position but unfortunately it does happen. Western CPE, one of the leading providers of CPE for CPAs, is a recent example of an established organization filing for bankruptcy. In fact, this may not be isolated to Western CPE as there are many small providers who quietly close their doors and many more may as well in years to come. For Western CPE customers and others who have had the unfortunate shock of learning their CPE provider is filing for bankruptcy, they want to understand what to do about their CPE requirements moving forward, how to obtain their certificates, and which provider to trust as a replacement.

Surgent CPE, a Trusted Educator

CPAs who find themselves in this unfortunate conundrum should feel hopeful that there are CPE providers out there that they can count on. (And even if you’re not in this dire situation today, you may want to consider the longer-term sustainability of your CPE provider). Surgent CPE is one such provider you can count on. As the largest independent provider of CPE, Surgent has been in business for more than thirty years, providing CPE for CPAs and financial professionals, delivering thousands of online CPE webinars, self-study courses, CPE packages, and live seminars each year. In fact, Surgent CPE is growing its curriculum and faculty, adding more than 65 new unique titles this year alone. Accounting, tax, and financial professionals across the country recognize the strength of Surgent because of Surgent’s partnerships with nearly all state societies of CPAs, many of the nation’s top accounting firms, and a growing number of colleges and universities.

Accessing Your CPE Certificates

One of the first questions CPAs are most likely to ask is “How do I access my CPE certificates?” With Surgent as your CPE provider, you’ll receive your CPE certificates within 24 hours of taking your course and feel confident knowing that you’ll be able to continue to access to them anytime and anywhere via your online account. That’s just one of the reasons why Surgent CPE Unlimited Packages are trusted sources of professional education for tens of thousands of CPAs today.

Making the Switch to Surgent CPE

For former Western CPE customers or any other customers from other CPE providers wanting to make the switch to Surgent CPE, you can save $200 off any CPE package online with code WESTERN200 through May15th. If you’ve already invested in a package for 2018 that you won’t be able to use, we want to help. Contact us with information about your purchase and we’ll help you switch to a Surgent CPE package at a great rate. Just give us a call at (800)778- 7436 and reference this blog post.

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