CPAs know that staying updated on continuing professional education (CPE) credits is both essential for providing the best service to clients and also required to stay in compliance as practicing CPAs. But with continual updates to tax laws, ever-changing regulations, new standards to meet on a regular basis, and new technology coming to the industry, it can be tough to know which CPE courses are the best for you to take now. That’s why we’re giving you a head start. We rounded up a list of the most popular courses CPAs are taking right now:

Section 199A: Applications and Challenges in 2019 (AIG4)

  • Section 199A is undoubtedly the least understood topic of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It enables pass-through entities and real estate investors to gain valuable tax cuts, a benefit that these entities may not be aware of without professional consultation. This highly popular course covers all the relevant aspects of the deduction, as well as implementation issues and lessons that will assist you in advising your clients this year. This course reinforces these concepts with experiences many tax practitioners had over the last tax season calculating and applying this deduction. Available as a 4-credit live webinar or on-demand self-study course.

The Best Federal Tax Update Course by Surgent (BFTU)

  • This perennial favorite course fully updates tax advisors on the most important aspects of recent tax law changes, cases and rulings affecting individuals and businesses, and strategies and techniques that will help you serve your clients. It covers all of the most important aspects of recent tax reform and addresses major trends to assist in planning after having completed the first full tax season since the implementation of TCJA. For any CPA, this course will provide the essential information on the latest tax law changes in all areas of practice. This top-rated tax update course is available as an 8-credit live webinar or on-demand webcast or as a 16-credit downloadable PDF self-study course.

Compilations, Reviews, and Preparations: Engagement Performance and Annual Update (CRAU)

  • This 8-credit CPE course provides a comprehensive review and hands-on application for performing financial statement preparation, compilation, and review engagements. The course covers the ins and outs of SSARS No. 21, Clarification and Recodification, the changes that have occurred with the issuance of SSARS Nos. 22 and 23, and the key provisions of recently issued SSARS No. 24, Omnibus Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review Services. Not only does this course provide the most up-to-date information on SSARS requirements and guidance, but it also provides practical examples to help you effectively and efficiently perform these types of engagements. Available in live webinar, on-demand webcast, and downloadable PDF self-study formats.

Getting Ready for Busy Season: Key Changes Every Tax Practitioner Should Know (NFF4)

  • Are you a tax practitioner preparing or reviewing individual tax returns for the current tax year? Stay updated on all you need to know for the upcoming tax season with this 4-credit course! This course provides a comprehensive up-to-date review of important tax form changes, new limitations, developments as reflected by IRS forms, IRS filing issues, and IRS deadlines. Included in this course are all new key tax and practice developments, with explanations on how they impact the current-year tax forms for individuals. This course effectively covers everything you need to know from the latest IRS guidance on recent tax legislation to hidden developments affecting the upcoming tax season. Available in live webinar and downloadable PDF self-study formats.

Top 10 Technology Risks and Trends Every CPA Should Know (TECS)

  • As the use of technology becomes more prevalent in all types of businesses, including CPA firms, it is essential for professionals to understand the risks and trends associated with such rampant growth. Robust and comprehensive cybersecurity risk management practices are now essential to firms that wish to keep their data and systems secure. This course will discuss the various ways to maximize the use of technology in audit and other professional services. Various topics will be covered, including: the importance of securing client data, how to avoid security threats, recent SEC cybersecurity guidance, trends and risks related to blockchain, migrating data to a cloud-based environment, and more. This course is designed for CPAs in public or private practice with accounting, financial reporting, or attest responsibilities. This 4-credit CPE course is available as a live webinar or on-demand webcast.

Ethical Considerations for the CPA (ETHC)

  • CPAs today are expected to maintain incredibly high ethical standards. To help them stay informed on evolving ethical standards and situations, most states require CPAs to complete an ethics CPE course on an annual or bi-annual basis. With many CPAs now rapidly approaching their end-of-year CPE deadline, this comprehensive ethics course is an ideal choice for CPAs looking to better understand the attributes of ethics and professional conduct. This 4-credit interactive live webinar reviews a history of the CPA profession, but primarily focuses on ethical requirements that CPAs must adhere to and be aware of in everyday practice. This course is applicable for CPAs in states in which state-specific ethics are not required. Surgent also offers a number of state-specific ethics courses for CPAs. View our state-by-state CPE ethics directoryfor more information.

Surgent continually updates existing courses and creates new courses to keep CPAs and accounting professionals updated with all the latest industry trends and regulations. Surgent’s complete list of Live CPE Courses includes these top courses, as well as over 100 others. For unlimited, full-year access to these courses and all other Surgent CPE courses, including all of our premium courses, consider an Unlimited Plus Package.

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