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Choosing the Right Business Entity (CRBE)

Friday, July 7, 2017
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM (Eastern)

Karen Davis, EA, MBA, Ph.D.

Bob Lickwar, CPA

  • Format Webinar
  • Credits 2
  • Level Intermediate
  • Field of Study Taxes (2)


With prospects for a reduction in tax rates for all business entities in 2017, tax advisors and their business clients should consider whether the choice-of-entity decisions they have made in the past result in the most tax-efficient business entity. Perhaps there is a better entity option for clients who made their choice-of-entity decision in a different tax environment. This program explores when, whether, and why business owners should consider changing to another entity in 2017.

Major Topics:

  • Changes in the tax law in 2017 relating to how business entities are taxed
  • The most important issues tax practitioners should consider when advising clients regarding the choice of a business entity
  • Why is the S corporation the most commonly selected tax entity?
  • When does the simplicity of a Schedule C operating as a single member limited liability company get the job done with a minimum of complexity?
  • Are there tax and business advantages to operating as a C corporation in 2017 that would motivate a business owner to do business as a C corporation?
  • The advantages of the partnership tax rules for a multiple member limited liability company treated as a partnership
  • How to go from one tax entity to another with a minimum of legal and tax cost and hassle

Learning Objectives

  • Determine whether a client’s existing business entity is the most suitable entity choice for a business
  • Determining the tax consequences of switching from one business entity to another
  • Understand how 2017 tax law changes impact the taxation of business entities

Who should take this course:

Tax practitioners wishing to be current with respect to the tax advantages and disadvantages of the tax entities available to individuals and businesses in 2017

A basic understanding of the federal tax rules relating to C-corporation and pass-through entity income taxation








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