Jennifer Louis is a Certified Public Accountant and Director of Audit Product Development for Surgent. She came to Surgent after many years working as an auditor in the accounting industry. Jennifer sat down with Surgent to share her experiences and her role at Surgent.

Surgent Accounting (SA):
How did you get started in accounting?

Jennifer Louis (JL): My college required an internship related to my major for graduation. I performed mine in the audit department at Touche Ross in Washington, D.C. and continued with the firm immediately thereafter. I really enjoyed auditing because it gave me exposure to such a wide variety of industries and financial issues. Plus, I was not stuck in the same office every day! Any career that provides fresh challenges on a regular basis is the one best suited to me.

SA: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

JL: I love meeting professionals from across the country and hearing their perspective on various accounting and auditing issues. I am passionate about promoting effective and efficient auditing, and I love to share my insights with others on how to successfully reach that goal. There is nothing more gratifying at the end of the day than hearing a participant enthusiastically say they simply can’t wait to get back to the office and put ideas learned into actual practice.

SA: How does audit play a role in CPE?

JL: Auditing relies more on applying an appropriate amount of professional judgment than any other service that a CPA provides. Continuing education obviously involves ensuring participants gain a solid understanding of the minimum requirements of relevant professional and regulatory standards. However, a large part of training demands educating others on ideas and opportunities to improve profitability on engagements, while maintaining the desired level of quality.

SA: What makes Surgent different?

JL: Surgent provides practical and engaging training. Content is always relevant and up-to-date, as quality truly matters. We also listen to our customers, providing a broad curriculum in a wide variety of flexible delivery formats to meet the needs of CPA firms of all sizes. Surgent is committed to being a full-service CPE provider for the entire CPA marketplace. We are not just tax anymore!

SA: Care to share any insider tips in regards to CPE?

JL: Professionals increasingly exist in a virtual world. Information is routinely gathered through the Internet in a variety of ways. While continuing to serve customers in traditional ways, such as live training, Surgent is dedicated to supporting a variety of outlets for CPAs to get the critical content you need when you need it.

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