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Accounting CPE Courses for Professional Development


Keeping your skills up to date is critical in the accounting industry, where regulations are constantly under review. The continuing professional education (CPE) program offers a structured method for licensed CPAs to continue learning throughout their careers. However, accounting CPE courses aren't the only opportunity to acquire useful skills. You can earn CPE credit for courses on a wide variety of subjects to improve your overall accuracy and efficiency as well as the effectiveness of your entire company.

Keeping Up With Advances in Technology

While most professionals have a working knowledge of basic spreadsheet and word processing programs, these platforms are constantly evolving. With the right skill set, you can use powerful tools such as Microsoft Excel to complete complex calculations and summarize extensive data sets. These tasks can be extremely time-consuming when done manually, making related CPA CPE courses some of the most valuable you can take.

Surgent is a leading provider of technology-related learning opportunities, in addition to accounting CPE courses. Examples of current course options include:

Focusing on Your Personal Development

Public speaking is one of the biggest sources of fear for individuals in every industry, but it is an important skill for those who want to advance in their careers. Fortunately, there are a variety of CPE courses that support you in developing these and other personal skills. Examples include:

Improving Organizational Effectiveness

Nothing in the CPA exam prepares you for the challenges of running a business. Unfortunately, this means that many small businesses struggle to compete in the marketplace. Understanding the nuances of management, from hiring and firing employees to marketing and advertising, can set you up for long-term success. Examples of current courses available from Surgent include:

Surgent instructors are experts in their fields, offering specialized courses to meet your needs. They are frequently recognized for excellence in communication, which means that, with each course, you can look forward to developing new skills that you can apply to your business right away.

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CPE Webinars

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