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Enrolling in Online CPE Seminars

Surgent CPE

Accumulating continuing professional education (CPE) credits is an important part of staying current with the changing financial landscape. New laws are introduced on a regular basis, and CPAs in every area of practice can benefit from expanding the depth and breadth of their skills. However, attending seminars and conferences in-person can be difficult when time is limited, and the costs related to travel and admission can quickly go over-budget.

Advances in technology have made it possible to attend CPE seminars online, and when you choose a high-quality provider like Surgent, you can look forward to instruction from leaders in the industry. CPE guidelines permit you to participate as part of a group, or you can earn credits by joining as an individual. Here’s what to expect from your online CPE seminar experience.

Choosing CPE Seminars

No one has time or money to waste on programs that are too basic or too advanced, and you get the greatest value from presentations that are relevant to your daily job responsibilities. Your provider offers important information about each program that will help you choose the opportunities best suited to your interests and needs. Review the following seminar details before enrolling:

  • Recommended field of study
  • Program description
  • Learning objectives
  • Instructional delivery methods
  • Recommended CPE credit
  • Program level
  • Pre-requisites
  • Advanced preparation required
  • Course registration and attendance requirements
  • Refund and cancellation policies
  • Complaint resolution processes
  • Official NASBA sponsor statement

This information ensures that you spend your limited resources on the seminars that will benefit you most.

What to Expect from CPE Instructors

High-quality CPE seminar providers choose facilitators with a gift for teaching, which dramatically impacts your experience. Research the seminar facilitator before signing up to learn more about his or her background and experience. Choose courses led by facilitators who have a history of positive feedback, as well as those who have received industry recognition for their instructional skill.

What CPE Instructors Expect from You

Attending a CPE seminar online isn’t intended to be an opportunity for multi-tasking. The instructor’s mission is to facilitate a program that effectively meets learning objectives, and one of the primary goals is to keep you engaged in the learning activities. To earn CPE credits from online seminars, instructors will expect your active participation. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and join discussions in real-time, and there may be polls, surveys and quizzes throughout the seminar.

Surgent is a leading provider of online CPE seminars and courses, and Surgent instructors are some of the best in the business. As a group, they have been recognized more than 500 times with CPE Speaker of the Year awards.

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CPE Webinars

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