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Options to Earn CPE Credits

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Enhancements in technology have transformed all areas of education, from primary school to continuing professional education (CPE). Mobile devices have made it possible to customize learning plans, and individuals can now participate in development activities anytime, anywhere. In an effort to include more non-traditional learning methods in the CPE program, the NASBA and AICPA partnered to create an updated set of standards. Today, options to earn CPE credits range from teaching classes to participating in online webinars.

Comprehensive CPE platforms offer a variety of course delivery methods, ensuring there is something that appeals to unique learning styles and individual schedule requirements. Some of the most popular ways to earn CPE Credits include the following:

Seminars and Workshops

The traditional live format of earning CPE credits is still available, and many CPAs appreciate the opportunity to attend such events from time to time for networking purposes. These range from classroom learning and one-day seminars to in-person skill-building workshops. For the purposes of CPE credits, these programs can be offered online, but to qualify under the "group live programs" category, all participants must attend the online presentation together.

Live Webinars

If attending as a group isn't practical, it is possible to earn CPE credits for individual attendance at webinars, seminars and workshops. While participants attend the online programs alone, they have the option of interacting with instructors during the live presentation. A number of platforms support this type of learning, thanks to advances in web-based conferencing technology.

On-Demand Courses

For maximum flexibility, CPE credits are available for those who attend on-demand web-based presentations. These do not have a live facilitator, making it possible to participate anytime, anywhere. Leading CPE platforms offer on-demand and self-study courses that are optimized for mobile devices, so some CPAs are earning CPE credits while traveling, standing in line, or - in the case of podcasts - during lengthy car rides.

CPE provider Surgent has long been a leader in the industry, thanks to an extensive course catalog and a wide variety of delivery methods. Options range from individual self-study modules to comprehensive web-based course packages designed to make earning CPE credits fast and simple.

CPE Webinars
CPE Webinars

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