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Surgent's Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course

The Fastest Way to Become an EA

Take your career to the next level by becoming an Enrolled Agent (EA), the highest credential awarded by the IRS. EA candidates must pass the rigorous 3-part Special Enrollment Exam (SEE) to earn the designation. The reward? Unlimited representation rights before the IRS, the ability to expand your practice into areas beyond individual tax forms, and the respect of clients and peers.


With Surgent's EA Exam Review course, you'll be fully equipped to pass the Special Enrollment Exam. Our powerful 'adaptive learning' technology gives you a personalized study program that helps you focus specifically on the areas where you need the most help - greatly reducing your study time. And because it's a completely online program, you can study whenever it fits your schedule.


Surgent's EA Exam Review Course includes 1,800 multiple-choice questions -- many taken directly from past exams -- and all with in-depth explanations, direct references to the corresponding IRS publications, and related glossary terms. It's all in a format similar to that of the actual exam, so you'll be comfortable with the exam's computerized testing environment. Plus, take unlimited simulated exams, giving you unmatched confidence and preparedness.

Two of the top four tax preparation companies in the U.S. choose Surgent's EA Exam Review to ensure that their tax associates pass the exam the first time. Make the right choice for your career!

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  • Full 3-Part EA Exam Review Course: $499

  • One part: $189

Refund Policy

Students may cancel and receive a refund of all charges within 14 days of the order placement date. Notification of cancellation must be done via email within 14 days of the order placement date. No refunds will be issued if cancellation is made after 14 days.

Buy EA Exam Review

Top Reasons to Buy Surgent's EA Exam Review:

  • New! Intelligent learning software - reduces your study time

  • Over 1,800 multiple-choice questions - with full text answers

  • Up-to-date IRS publications - built right into the software

  • Simulated exam mode - gets you comfortable with the test format

  • Over 80% pass rate - be confident in choosing Surgent

*Answer explanations now available in Spanish!*

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