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Technical Support

Customers may need to clear browser cache

If you are experiencing issues with the webinar not starting, you may need to clear your browsers cache. Please follow this link for step by step instructions on how to do that.

Attention customers using Windows 7 devices:

Please be aware that we have discontinued support for Windows 7 devices, effective as of January 1st, 2020. This change in supported operating systems coincides with Microsoft officially ending support for Windows 7. Thank you for your understanding.

Attention customers using Internet Explorer and Edge:

In order to provide an improved experience for our customers we have discontinued support of Internet Explorer and Edge, effective as January 1st, 2020. Please see our knowledge base article on the subject below. Thank you for your understanding.

Please see the resources below in order to resolve your issue.

Tech Support - General

Will the webinar work on my computer?
Will the webinar work on my mobile device?
Can I download the webinar and watch it later?
Can I test my system before the webinar?
What browsers are officially supported?
How do I ask questions?
What does "Is Not Supported/End of Life" mean?
Why am I being told that Windows 7 is not supported?
Why am I being told that Internet Explorer/Edge is not supported?

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Tech Support - Audio

How do I fix missing audio?
Why is my audio echoing/repeating?
Do you have a call in number for audio?

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Tech Support - Video

How can I fix a frozen/choppy video feed?
Why can't I see the video feed?
Why is my video buffering?

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Tech Support - Attendance

How do you verify attendance?
Why does my certificate say half credit when I was there the whole time?
How do I obtain the correct credit?
Do I need a microphone or webcam for the webinar?
Why are there no audio alerts on mobile devices?

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Tech Support - Login

How do I access my webinar?
What does "Invalid Login Ticket" mean?
I accidentally logged out, how do I log back in?
Why is my webinar room blank?
Can I watch the webinar using a remote desktop or VPN?
Is there a mobile app to download?

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General Inquiries

Customer Support

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