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2016 Engagement Letters and Client Questionnaires

Available Now!

Now, more than ever, you need comprehensive engagement letters and client questionnaires for the upcoming tax season. These unique products are used by thousands of CPA firms annually to help reduce their exposure to malpractice and preparer penalties. All engagement and disengagement letters are fully updated for 2016.

Plus, the engagement letters come with a comprehensive client questionnaire. This essential document eliminates the need to send out tax organizers to clients, and creates a more uniform system for processing returns. As an additional feature, the individual and estate tax products include a special questionnaire for the net investment income tax, self-charged rentals, self-charged interest, and real estate professionals’ safe harbor rules.

Available Products Include:

  • Individual Tax Engagement Letter and Client Questionnaire -- includes a full-length engagement letter and a streamlined option, plus a disclosure policy letter, client questionnaire, and a special questionnaire related to the net investment income tax.

  • Business Tax Engagement Letter and Client Questionnaire -- also includes a disclosure policy letter

  • Engagement Letters for Estates and Trusts -- four products in one! Includes a fiduciary income tax engagement letter with a client questionnaire and a special questionnaire related to the net investment income tax, a gift tax engagement letter for 2016, and an estate engagement letter for estate tax of decedent, dying in 2016.

  • Disengagement Letters -- how to effectively fire a client and protect yourself from liability. Includes individual, business, fiduciary income tax, and estate or gift tax letters

Best of all, these products are easy to buy and use! Order online and receive the material in a downloadable Microsoft Word format, so that your firm can make modifications applicable to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Returns cannot be accepted for these products.

$45-$85 each.

Or buy all 4 for just $199 (save 30%!)


All 4 Products


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2016 Business Tax Engagement Letter/Questionnaire


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2016 Individual Tax Engagement Letter & Client Questionnaire


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Engagement Letters for Estates & Trusts


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Disengagement Letters


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