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Ethics CPE Courses


To help certified public accountants (CPAs) meet their continuing professional education (CPE) ethics requirement, Surgent provides a variety of webinars, self-study courses, and live seminars that meet the professional ethics requirements of many states. With a number of state-specific courses as well as general ethics courses, we provide convenient, relevant content to meet specific CPE requirements, while also helping you boost your professional competence. Our CPE ethics programs include practical, real-world examples to help make the ethical requirements fully relevant and easily comprehensible.

Not sure what your state ethics requirements are or which Surgent ethics course satisfies your state board requirements? View all state ethics requirements in our state directory of ethics CPE requirements, which also lists the specific Surgent courses applicable in each state. Though Surgent strives to keep these listings fully updated, we always recommend that CPAs confirm requirements with their state board of accountancy. Surgent offers a variety of courses to help CPAs fulfill their ethics CPE credit requirements, including courses on ethics for CPAs, professional conduct, regulatory ethics, and ethical standards in business and industry, as well as regulatory review courses.


After becoming a CPA and passing the CPA Exam, a CPA must meet certain ongoing requirements to maintain his or her CPA license. These requirements vary by state and are determined by each CPA’s licensing state board of accountancy.

Most state boards of accountancy require that CPAs earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits on an annual or other regular basis to help maintain and improve their skills. As part of the CPE requirement, many states require that either a general ethics course or a state-specific ethics course be taken regularly. These courses fulfill required CPE credit hours while helping CPAs in private or public practice maintain the professional standards that are expected of them.

For states that allow CPAs to attend a general ethics course, Surgent offers a number of live webinar and self-study options. Whenever possible, we also work with state boards to develop state-specific ethics courses where they are required. To see what your state board requires and what courses Surgent offers, visit our state ethics CPE directory and then click on your state.

The rules and regulations pertaining to ethics CPE courses can be complex and often change over time, making it a challenge for CPAs to understand and comply with CPE requirements. When in doubt about the requirements, Surgent recommends confirming the current requirements with your state board of accountancy.

CPE Webinars
CPE Webinars

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