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Unlimited PLUS CPE Subscription


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Includes 12 months of access to:

  • Over 10,000 credits to choose from
  • 8,500+ live webinar credits
  • 1,300+ on-demand webcast credits
  • 1,000+ self-study download credits
  • Premium courses
  • Select gamified courses

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Subscribe now to get unlimited access to all Surgent CPE courses in every online format for 12 months, along with unlimited CPE credits. Unlimited PLUS is the only subscription that provides premium courses, including Surgent's Weekly Expert Hour, on-demand webcasts, and gamified courses.

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Surgent's Unlimited PLUS CPE Subscription is for those who:

Want the Latest Guidance

Includes premium courses on tax reform, accounting method changes, and other late-breaking topics.

Need Credits Every Year

Includes 12 months' access to every topic CPAs need, so you can meet 2 years of CPE requirements for 1 price.

Need In-Depth Coverage

Includes courses on advanced and highly specialized topics.

Need Live CPE Credits

Easily fulfill state requirements for live credits with 1,200+ live webinars, while also benefiting from our complete self-study library.

Enjoy Multiple CPE Formats

Take interactive live webinars, watch convenient on-demand webcasts, and download self-study PDFs for on-the-go CPE!

Want Complete, Unfettered Access

With Unlimited Plus, you can take absolutely any Surgent CPE course at any time, whether you need credits or just need breaking news and guidance.


How does Unlimited PLUS differ from Surgent’s other unlimited CPE subscriptions?
Surgent’s Unlimited PLUS CPE subscription includes access to more than 10,000 CPE credits across all course formats –– live webinars, on-demand webcasts, self-study PDF downloads and gamified courses. Unlimited PLUS is the only CPE subscription from Surgent that includes premium courses, on-demand webcasts and gamified courses.

What is a premium CPE course?
Stay ahead of the industry with Surgent’s premium CPE courses, available with the Unlimited PLUS CPE subscription. Covering hot topics and late-breaking issues, such as new legislation and accounting method changes, these first-to-market courses give you the early insights needed to best serve your clients, including Surgent’s Weekly Expert Hour.

What happens to my subscription after 12 months?
All unlimited CPE subscriptions from Surgent include EasyRenew™, which automatically renews your subscription for another year of access at just the right time –– and at the same price you're paying this year! You'll avoid the hassle of manually renewing –– ensuring your access never lapses. You may opt out of EasyRenew™ at any time.

Are textbook-based self-study courses included with the Unlimited PLUS CPE subscription?
No, textbook self-study courses are not included with Unlimited PLUS. Instead, Unlimited PLUS includes access to 250 CPE courses in the form of Portable Document Format (PDF) files, which can be downloaded and printed. Unlimited PLUS also includes full access to self-study on-demand webcasts, as well as live webinars.

Do I have to select the courses I want to take at the time that I order a subscription?
No, you do not have to select your courses at the time of purchase. You can login to your account and select courses anytime until the subscription expiration date.
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