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Webinar Customer Testimonials

"Very effective instructor. Enjoyed this class"

"Jeff is an excellent instructor! I won't hesitate to participate in any of his webinars."

"By far the best two hour CPE webinar I have attended. Could have been 3 hours. Thank you! "

"Thanks for a well-run webinar."

"Course was great. I learned a lot in a short time period. Jeff demystified pivot tables and made using them accessible. Highly recommended. "

"Really enjoyed the CPE. Jeff's enthusiasm was great"

"I will take more Surgent courses based on this one."

"Pam Davis-Vaughn was excellent, as always. I look forward to attending future courses with her. "

"This was a great class. Very relevant information. I am so glad I participated. Thanks "

"First class with Pam Davis-Vaughn and thought she was really great. Explained things very well and provided lots of excellent examples. I definitely recommend her for future courses. "

"The instructor gave very good examples, was great to listen to, and was informative and witty too. Enjoyed this webinar very much!"

"Great. Even though I do a lot of easy trusts, a refresher is always good. Dennis is terrific. I look forward to the advanced seminar. "

"This course was great -- I love the fact that it was a workshop and gives you some hands on training instead of just listening and trying to absorb! "

"Very well prepared and kept my attention. I needed to understand this topic and when I finished this webinar, I did, thank you so very much. "

"Jeff does a great job - I signed up for 4 more of his sessions after attending 2 today"

"This was probably the best CPE class that I have attended in my short career. I really like the question feature in that I can ask a question and not interrupt the entire class "

"Great course - one of the best ones I've taken in a long time. Great case studies and learning experience! "

"Very good course. One of your best"

"This is the best way to satisfy CPE requirements. I have attended several webinars and the presenters have been terrific. "

"This was the first webinar I have attended with Surgent. I look forward to more! TY!"

"We recently switched to CPE Now from a competitor specifically because you offer more than "just the basics.""

"The presentation was very informative and well done. I would consider taking future CPE's with Surgent and these instructors. "

"This webinar is the first one I have taken from Surgent and Dennis Benvie. My previous webinars were all taken from Checkpoint. After enrolling for Checkpoint's unlimited webinars I was disappointed that only some of the webinar courses were available. I am very happy that Surgent doesn't restrict the unlimited webinar package to only specific webinars. I have always considered Surgent to be the best CPE provider and always remember the live Surgent seminars I have taken especially when Jack Surgent was the presenter. Dennis Benvie was great and I will now take all of my webinars from Surgent in the future. Thanks for offering a great CPE webinar product!"

"Excellent presentation. Knowledgeable and practical. You can't get better than that. Thanks. "

"Best 1041 class I ever took!"

"I use to only buy California Society CPE. No longer…this is superior."

"This was a wonderful webinar! Presenters offers some real-life examples and suggestions. This was the BEST Repairs and Regs. seminar I've listened to so far. Thank you!!"

"Instructors were very knowledgeable and information presented was easy to understand. Seeing the instructors was helpful to me. Will do more of this type of webinar--thank you!
Excellent instructors, the moderator feature was good as well as the moderator, made it easier to focus versus following the same person the whole time."

"The best course I have seen on new capitalization rules thank you"

"This was one of the best seminars I've had. They discussed current relevant information that we all have questions about. It helped that they were continually answering questions as the seminar went along"

"This course was great! I had heard seminars where this issued was talked about, but they did not get down to the implementation nuts and bolts like this course did. Great job! "

Live Customer Testimonials

"It’s always good to get instruction from someone who seems to have the inside track about the way tax laws are written and complied with."

"This the best course I have attended in a couple of years!  Excellent explanation of materials. I felt like I received just what I needed in order to go and research a little more and be prepared for the upcoming tax season; Thank you very much.  "

"Good course, instructor very good, kept the conversation going and could apply real life examples and experience to the discussion."

"Examples were a great way to learn. Thank you, very knowledgeable."

"Excellent presentation, superior knowledge, liked the use of white board and examples, great flow and good time management."

"Very good presentation of a difficult subject."

"Instructor did a nice job keeping a dry topic engaging. [He] had lots of relevant examples to help drive points home."

"He interacted well with the class and had good anecdotes incorporated into the class."

"This was one of the most informative and well-presented seminars I have ever been to."

"This class was fabulous! I learned a great deal and Jen was a wonderful instructor."

"The instructor was great. She keeps the content interesting and related each topic to real life examples."

"This was the best and most helpful CPE I have ever taken. I am coming away with so much content and practical tips to be a more effective and efficient auditor. The instructor was very good at articulating the material and challenging us to think through the content.
This was by far the best A&A seminar I have ever attended. The material was relevant and very well presented."

"I will make good use of what I learned this upcoming audit season.
The instructor was great; she was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and engaging. The topics that were addressed were perfect for the senior/manager level."

Self-Study Customer Testimonials

"I have tried several self-study programs and have finally found this one. My first experience with one of your courses is wonderful."

"Best Ethics course I've taken. Highly informative on a practical level. Thank you!"

"Material was VERY well written and explained and will remain a good resource for future reference."

"Keep up the good work. These courses will be key practice materials for us over the next 3 years. Then we will likely take your updated tax practice ethics courses for our Minnesota CPE ethics requirement. Thanks!"

"One of the best ethics CPE courses I have taken!"

"I would highly recommend this course to auditors just starting to learn how to perform Single Audits as the course describes each of the required steps such as identifying major programs and when assessing risk is required."

"Excellent course: clear, precise, and good examples."

"This is my third Surgent self-study course. I find that they are well organized, relevant, practical, and rely on the original standards far more than the opinions of other course authors. I'll come back for more!"

"This is the first course that I have taken for CPE credit through Surgent. I wish that I had taken self-study courses through Surgent before. The materials are relevant and the process from start to finish went extremely well."

"Very nice course, with a lot of usable information. Course materials make good reference material as well."

"Best CPE on the new revenue recognition standard with a great variety of applicable examples."

"This was the most interesting on-line course that I have ever taken. Thank you for keeping me engaged and motivated."

"Well written and very well organized. I will keep the material for future reference! "

"The course material was very thorough and detailed."

"I found this course to be well-written, very practical and much more useful than other CPEs I have recently taken."

"Well written summaries; materials thoroughly and easily explained."

"The entire process was easy from ordering the program, downloading, organization of material and its thoroughness, to taking the exam and being issued the certificate within a minute! I enjoyed the process and the course met my expectations."

"Very easy to understand and complete!"

"Great course with concise and understandable training materials."

"The course material was excellent. I learned more than I expected. Great course! I will definitely be taking more of your courses very soon."

"Materials are organized well and easy to follow...examples and text were to the point...good reference materials for the future."

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