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Surgent's Internal Audit Skills Training

Not long ago, only the largest accounting firms had Internal Audit practices. But, thanks to the growing demand for internal auditing and risk assurance functions, many more mid-sized accounting firms, as well as corporations of all kinds, are looking to increase their Internal Audit capabilities. Surgent’s new Internal Audit Skills Training is the perfect way to support these efforts, whether your organization is early in the process or already has a number of Certified Internal Auditors (CIAs) on staff.

The complete program consists of eight 4-hour modules that will shed light on both the strategic decisions an Internal Audit group's Chief Audit Executive must make, as well as the tactical activities performed by Internal Audit team members at all levels of experience. Each module is delivered by an expert discussion leader with over three decades of experience. Purchase an Internal Audit Skills Training Package for maximum value or brush up on essential skills by purchasing any of the courses on a stand-alone basis. Either way, you’ll learn skills necessary to stay informed, while earning CPE with every program.

*Premium courses are not included in Internal Audit Skills Training Package.



Internal Audit Webcast Package (IAPK)

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Internal Audit Webcast Package (IAPK)

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Want maximum value? Purchase a webcast package including all 8 courses for $499. 

Internal Audit Program Features: 

  • A framework you can trust: Our program is designed to meet the Institute of Internal Auditing’s professional standards, including the IIA’s International Professional Practice Framework and its Code of Ethics.

  • Trusted professional expertise: Our Discussion Leader is an expert in the field, with over 30 years of Internal Audit experience in both in-house departments and as an outsourced audit executive.

  • The flexibility you need: Purchase a package or individual course.

  • CPE fulfillment: Our program offers 32 CPE credits supporting CPA reporting requirements.

  • A resource for the CIA Exam: These courses can help candidates preparing to take the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam.

Want to pick and choose topics? Courses are available for individual purchase. 

Internal Audit Courses

Training begins with the fundamentals of governance, risk management, internal control, compliance, fraud, and risk management. The program then advances to highly effective engagement management, planning, supervision, administration, and monitoring to ensure impactful implementation. At the end of the program, auditors will have learned the technical, analytical, organizational, and communication skills necessary to effectively discharge their duties as key relied-upon assurance professionals for organizations. We will conclude the program with the vital roadmap essential to unleashing your unlimited potential, adding value and better serving all organizational stakeholders.

Gateway to Excellence in Internal Auditing: A Vital Introduction and Orientation to the Profession (4 Hours)

This course provides an overview of the internal audit profession, including its history and development and the role of the IIA in standard setting.

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Strategic Roles, Positioning, and Attributes of High Impact Internal Audit Groups (4 Hours)

This course explores the concepts of independence and objectivity related to an internal audit group and explores the various internal audit group structures and roles each member of the group plays.

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Critical Knowledge Foundations for Internal Auditors: Governance, Risk Management, and Control (GRC) (4 Hours)

This course lays the critical foundation for strengthening the knowledge base of auditors at all levels in these critical areas of organizational GRC processes and performance. 

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Maximizing Internal Audit Value, Coverage, Assurance and Reliance (4 Hours)

By exploring the many roles and services through which an internal audit group can add value throughout any organization, this course provides a roadmap for IAs in their quests to maximize value for all stakeholders, both internal and external, of their organizations.

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Internal Audit Risk Assessment and Planning (4 Hours)

This course provides an essential primer on IA risk assessment and planning processes, supported by key related professional standards guidance and practical application strategies.

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Internal Audit Fieldwork Fundamentals and Documentation Essentials (4 Hours)

This course provides an in depth conceptual and practical application bridge linking crucial fieldwork fundamentals with workpaper preparation and documentation essentials in promotion and development of these vital skill areas for IAs. 

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Internal Audit Engagement Management and Administration (4 Hours)

This course helps IAs at all levels better understand the practical and required engagement managerial responsibilities involved with the IA function at both the department and engagement level.

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The Internal Audit Activity Quality / Excellence Continuum! (4 Hours)

This course provides a vital roadmap to assist IA activities in their ongoing quest to tap more fully into and unleash their unlimited potential in better serving and adding value to all organizational stakeholders!

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