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We rolled out some exciting new changes on! You may have noticed a completely redesigned experience during your most recent log-in to your Account. But if you don't currently have an Account with us...register now! Having an Account allows us to create a more personalized CPE experience, tailored to your unique interests, needs, and deadlines. 

What changed?

First, we eliminated the cumbersome use of serial numbers. And now, you will no longer need to use the old "Access My CPE" drop-down menu, as all package and course access (in addition to certificates and order history) will live within your Account.

What's new?

Upon purchase, all packages and/or courses from your order will be ready for assignment within your Account. Once assigned, the user will not only be able to browse and register/enroll in courses (in the case of packages) but also access course materials, exams, and event links--all right through the Account side panel! Gone are the days of clicking back and forth between different menus and links. Simply log-in, and get started. Your new Account experience will provide a convenient one-stop-shop to the best CPE resource in the business.

Here's what you can expect within your Account going forward:

  • Browse package courses (plus register and enroll)
  • Access all course materials, exams, and event links
  • Browse order history and view/download certificates
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