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CPE Solutions for CPA Firms

In addition to the tens of thousands of individual CPAs who have benefited from Surgent CPE courses over the past 30 years, Surgent has provided tailored CPE solutions to more than 500 accounting firms across the country. If your firm has at least ten CPAs and you're interested in exploring firm-wide approaches to continuing education, our Firm Solutions team can help. We offer:

CPE Programs Delivered in Many Convenient Formats

For firms with at least ten CPAs, Surgent can help you develop tailored CPE programs that include courses in any format you need, such as live onsite trainings, webinars (including both public and custom-scheduled for your firm), on-demand webcasts, and downloadable self-study PDFs. We're also pleased to provide our industry leading materials to support your in-house discussion leader, if desired.

Flexible Access & Control for Firms

It can be incredibly challenging for firm learning directors to predetermine how many CPE hours each CPA will use during a year, leading too often to firms overbuying and under-utilizing CPE hours. With Surgent's Flexible Access for Firms, you can avoid this struggle and rest assured that you have the most flexible, cost-effective solution for your firm.

The Surgent Flexible Access for Firms option (which is available in increments starting with 100 CPE hours) provides 12 months of firm-wide access to any Surgent live webinar, self-study PDF, or on-demand webcast. We provide access to everyone in your firm--with no need to buy seats or licenses. We track your usage and inform you regularly so you can adjust your hours if needed.

Surgent’s new Firm Portal is the latest CPE innovation allowing you to track and manage continuing professional education for all users in your organization quickly and easily. We've combined our 30 years of industry experience with client feedback and research to give you the tools and features you want and need. Create a positive impact across your organization, knowing you have a solid handle on your firm's expenditure for training. With our new firm portal, you can feel confident all users have access to the most cost-effective, highest quality continuing professional education.


Onsite Training with Surgent

Surgent's award winning discussion leaders are also available to deliver onsite training at your location and date of choice. Firms can choose from Surgent's broad selection of courses and extensive CPE topics for onsite trainings. 

Or, do you have someone at your firm who can lead the training? Surgent also licenses CPE content, PowerPoint presentations, and course materials so that firms can lead their own CPE training. Surgent offers the most up-to-date and accurate CPE content, which is why CPAs across the country turn to Surgent for their CPE needs. Browse our courses that cover all areas and stages of continuing professional education:

Accounting and Auditing
Audit Skills Training
Internal Audit Skills Training
Government and Not-for-Profit
Tax Staff-Level Training

Search our entire selection of in-firm courses by topic and keyword.

Take Your Live CPE Virtual!

With most travel and in-person meetings on-hold, we can help you transition your live CPE and other training events online using our industry-leading virtual platform. This includes our full catalog of CPE courses, as well as other live training that you may need help transitioning online. We are happy to work with your organization to determine your needs and develop an online program that works for your firm. Just reach out to Kristin Moretti to learn more.

Surgent CPA Review

If your firm has associates or other staff members considering sitting for the CPA Exam, you should consider Surgent CPA Review. It's the only review course that:

• Will help your associates pass faster by focusing them on what they don't know: Surgent CPA Review is proprietary adaptive learning technology that personalizes each associate’s study plan based on his or her specific knowledge gaps and AICPA weightings. This has been proven to save as much as 100 hours of studying per exam part-- or 400 hours in all.

Will tell your associates when they're ready to pass: Surgent CPA Review assesses each candidate’s progress and identifies exactly when an associate is ready to sit for the CPA Exam via our proprietary ReadySCORE. The course's integrated Study Planner even calculates how many hours an associate needs to study to be ready before an upcoming exam date.

Combines top instructors with cutting-edge instructional design: Surgent CPA Review features more than 350 video lectures from some of the top instructors in CPA Review, including Liz Kolar. Most lectures last just 10-20 minutes, making it easy for even the busiest  associates to fit in the study time they need to pass within as few as six months.

Learn more by visiting the Surgent CPA Review Website.

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