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New! 16-Credit Self-Study Package

Ideal For CPAs Who Need 12-16 Hours of CPE Credit This Year


Are you a CPA who prefers to learn by reading? Do you need between 12 and 16 CPE credits this year? If so, the 16-Credit Self-Study Package is perfect for you. With this economical package, you can take any combination of 2- to 16-credit downloadable PDF self study courses that together total up to 16 hours.

You'll pay one low price--which will save you up to 27% compared to buying 16 credits' worth of individual self study courses. And you'll have complete flexibility to choose the topics from our full catalog of 200+ PDF courses, as well as when you wish to earn your credits--any time before the end of the year.

Here's how it works:

  • Pick any 16 credits' worth of courses from Surgent's full downloadable self study library.

  • Your courses can be any combination of courses totaling 16 hours.

  • Choose the specific PDF courses when you purchase, or wait until later – it's up to you!

This package and pricing is applicable for one individual. Looking for CPE access for your firm? Firms: please click here to learn about Surgent's flexible Firm Solutions, including live CPE events and Flexible Access for Firms.

*Credits cannot be carried over into the next calendar year. The final day to access courses using credits in this package is December 31st.


Choose any 16 credits from 200+ self-study courses.
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2024 16 Credit Self-Study Package (SS16)

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2024 16 Credit Self-Study Package (SS16)

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