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CPE for CPA Online - Choosing the Right Provider

Surgent CPE

Staying current in the field is critical for CPAs, and the continuing professional education (CPE) program sets industry standards for professional development. While there are a variety of options when it comes to CPE programs and providers, today's busy lifestyles have made CPE for CPA online a popular choice. Of course, choosing the right provider is important to ensure quality education. These are the most important features to look for in a strong CPE for CPA online program:

Course Selection

After passing the CPA exam, most professionals lean toward a particular segment of the industry. After all, it is nearly impossible to be an expert in all areas of accounting. Choose programs that offer an extensive course catalog, particularly when specializing in narrow subject areas. It can be frustrating to start a program, only to discover that certain courses aren't available. The time and expense involved in switching CPE providers disrupts the learning process.

Course Accuracy

Changes in accounting regulations and practices come quickly, and one of the best features of online courses is that they can be updated quickly. Select a provider that makes accuracy a priority. There should be minimal time between the announcement of changes and course updates, and the platform should offer overview courses in major changes as soon as possible. All course offerings should be reviewed regularly to catch any outdated information.

Quality of Instructors

The best way to learn is through engaging, dynamic courses, which require high-quality instructors. Select a CPE for CPA online provider that enlists talented professionals to create and deliver coursework. Many students choose Surgent for that very reason, as Surgent's exclusive instructors are some of the best in the business. Together, the Surgent faculty boasts more than 500 CPE Speaker of the Year Awards, which is an astonishing achievement in an area of such complexity.

Flexibility in Delivery

Today's lifestyles are busier than ever, and full-day seminars and workshops simply aren't practical. Completing required CPE coursework requires flexibility in scheduling and delivery methods. Choose a CPE for CPA online provider that offers a range of course delivery methods. These may include live and on-demand webinars, online and printable reading material, self-study courses and podcasts. More delivery methods mean more opportunities to fit learning into packed schedules, making it possible to complete CPE requirements on-time.

Not all CPE for CPA online providers offers the same array of features for busy professionals. Choose a program that has maximum flexibility, highest quality and greatest variety for best results.

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CPE Webinars

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