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Data Analytics with Power Query: Mastering ETL Skills

About Data Analytics with Power Query

The Data Analytics with Power Query – Mastering ETL Skills certification course is designed for accounting and finance professionals who want to develop data analytics skills using the Power Query business intelligence tool and its many benefits. This Power Query series consists of 12 one-hour webcasts that includes downloadable spreadsheets for the learner to actively learn alongside the instructor, working through each concept in a hands-on experience with the ability to pause and retry steps as needed.

Learn to use Excel’s Power Query function to extract, transform, and load data. Its user-friendly interface enables the Excel user to connect to data sets that were previously not accessible. It also enables powerful data transformations without requiring any coding and will save the Excel user time in performing their cleanup of data.

In this 12-part on-demand webcast series, we’ll concentrate on the Power Query tools in Microsoft Excel® that enable accounting, auditing, and finance professionals to develop their own self-service data analysis. Upon completion of all webcasts within the Power Query Series, individuals receive 12 CPE credit hours, as well as an official Data Analytics with Power Query – Mastering ETL Skills certificate and virtual badge. 

  • Power Query is a tool in Microsoft Excel that simplifies the process of importing data from different source files and sorting them into an Excel sheet in the most convenient and usable format.
  • Power Query is a user-friendly business intelligence tool that does not require the user to learn any specific code.
  • The biggest advantage offered by the Power Query tool is higher efficiency; using Excel with Power Query brings the user faster results in a very short time.

Learning objectives:

  • How to connect to multiple data sources
    • All transformations available in Power Query to turn messy data into a table format to enable data modeling
    • All loading options in Power Query including loading data from Power Query to Power Pivot to begin data modeling
  • Apply powerful transformations with various query types such as append, merge (including fuzzy matching)
  • Understand the basics of the Power Query language to enable more powerful data transformations, with an introduction to Power Pivot


Complete 12-part series.


Data Analytics with Power Query - Mastering ETL Skills Package (PWBI)

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Data Analytics with Power Query - Mastering ETL Skills Package (PWBI)

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Who Should Take This Course?

Auditors: Staff auditors, senior auditors, internal auditors, government auditors

Accountants: Staff accountants, senior accountants, supervisors, managers, management accountants

Analysts: Business analysts, financial analysts



Upon completion, this course qualifies for 12 continuing education credits.

What's included in the course?

This course is comprised of 12 one-hour Power Query Series webcasts:

Module 1: Introduction and First Connection (PQS1)

The first course in the Data Analytics with Power Query package, PQS1 is designed to begin the Excel user’s data analytics journey with an introduction to the Power Query business intelligence tool.

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Module 2: Making Connections (PQS2)

This module explores the workflow of making connections to various data sources using the Excel version of Power Query.

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Module 3: The User Interface of Power Query (PQS3)

PQS3 introduces users to the Power Query Editor and includes a hands-on transformation exercise using this data preparation experience.

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Module 4: Data Transformations (PQS4)

This module teaches the user how to perform hands-on data transformations.

View Module 


Module 5: Adding Columns for Data Enrichment (PQS5)

This module teaches users how to add columns using Power Query (Excel version) using a variety of hands-on exercises.

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Module 6: More Transformations and Load Options (PQS6)

This module uses hands-on exercises to explore the data transformation process, focusing on data cleaning and data enrichment as well as explaining query loading options and processes.

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Module 7: Append Queries (PQS7)

Module 7 discusses best practices for creating append queries (combining two or more queries into one combined output query) and includes hands-on exercises to enable the user to demonstrate what they have learned.

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Module 8: Merge Queries (PQS8)

This module discusses best practices for creating merge queries (combining two queries that have a common column or columns) and includes hands-on exercises to enable the user to demonstrate what they have learned.

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Module 9: Useful Transformations (PQS9)

Module 9 covers useful transformations to clean, enrich, and shape data. Coverage includes pivoting and unpivoting, filtering and grouping, fuzzy matching, and more, with hands-on exercises for users to practice these skills.

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Module 10: Use Cases (PQ10)

This module presents five use cases for specific data issues a user may encounter in Power Query. Through hands-on examples, users are guided through the process of overcoming each of these issues.

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Module 11: Formulas, M Language, and Error Handling (PQ11)

This module presents the fundamentals of using formulas and introduces users to the “M” language in Power Query, as well as types of errors that users may encounter. Hands-on examples provide active learning and reinforce these concepts.

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Module 12: Data Modeling and Next Steps (PQ12)

This module covers advanced features in Power Query (Excel version), including functions and parameters and basics of data modeling in Power BI and Power Pivot. Multiple hands-on examples help to reinforce these concepts.

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Want to pick and choose topics? Each of these 1-credit modules is available for individual purchase.

*Note: professional certificates are only granted to attendees who complete full certificate programs.

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