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Surgent's Weekly Expert Hour

Stay Fully Informed (While Letting Us Do the Work)

Introducing Surgent's Weekly Expert Hour CPE Series

Every tax and financial professional will benefit from Surgent's new Weekly Expert Hour series—and so will your clients. That's because we'll do the work each week of researching and fully digesting all of the tax, financial, and other recent changes, before distilling the hardest hitting and most impactful of those issues into a concise, 1-hour webinar. Surgent experts will filter out the irrelevant noise that would otherwise occupy your time and focus only on the issues that will help you put money in your clients' pockets. These types of changes frequently come with limited windows of opportunity. Ensure you're fully informed and ready to help your clients capitalize on these often time-sensitive opportunities by attending Surgent's new weekly series. 

Each week's live webinar will cover different subject matter and will provide news updates on current events impacting such areas as taxes, finance, industry, and discussions around estate and retirement planning, Social Security, and personal and corporate tax matters. You may sign up for one week at a time, or enjoy access to the entire series at no additional charge with the purchase of an Unlimited Plus Package.

Not only will you stay up-to-date by attending this CPE series each week, but accountants will be able to earn up to 40 hours of live continuing education—all by dedicating just an hour per week to this informative and engaging series. So, do yourself a favor and leave the heavy lifting to us. Sign up today to enjoy an expert summary of the news you need each week—all without leaving your desk or reading a single regulation! Your clients—and your bottom line—will thank you!

Topics Will Include:

 Tax, Finance, and Industry events and news
 Retirement planning topics
 Social Security & Medicare updates
 COVID Relief legislation
 Personal & Corporate tax matters
 Other breaking topics

Register today to ensure you're up-to-date and get your required CPE! Sign up for one week at a time for only $59 per session, or get access to all (40) 1-hour premium webinars over 12 months with Surgent's Unlimited Plus Package. Easily fulfill your CPE requirements and stay fully in-the-know by joining our Surgent Experts each week. Plus, get unlimited access to all live, on-demand or self study CPE that Surgent has to offer!


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CPE Webinars

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