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CPE Games That Make Learning Fun

Accounting, tax, and financial professionals trust Surgent to provide high-impact education experiences.  We create engaging learning solutions that keep professionals like you ahead of the curve. Be career-ready every day with a variety of convenient and engaging learning formats. Our "Learner-first" approach allows you to choose how you want to learn - at your own pace.

Surgent Interactive offers immersive, game-based CPE courses designed to help you learn smarter - while having fun. Score points as you make adjustments based on characters' responses in real-time simulations. Increase your learning retention and identify knowledge gaps today by exploring our series, Max the Tax.

Max the Tax is the first series of courses from Surgent Interactive.  You play the role of an IRS agent tasked with various challenges in this series of games.  Boost your learning and retention as you review tax returns and interview clients in real-time.  Do you have what it takes to "Max the Tax?"

Max the Tax is ideal for tax practitioners who want an engaging, interactive learning solution for the latest tax legislation.  Topics covered include taxation of cryptocurrency mining, the CARES Act, ARPA unemployment compensation exclusion, Home Office deduction, alimony payments, and much more.

Max the Tax: Common 1040 Items

You are an IRS tax agent tasked with analyzing a joint tax return with multiple flagged items.  You make necessary changes in real time based on interview responses from the clients.  Your challenge is to ensure their tax return is accurate and complete.


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Max the Tax: Common Deductions

You are tasked with interviewing a client who is up to speed about the latest changes in tax laws.  Your client comes with his own idea of what deductions to take. You determine if his claims are accurate. Test your knowledge today!


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Why should I choose game-based CE courses?

Surgent Interactive is designed with you in mind.  Pros trust Surgent to provide real professional education and not just CPE credits.  We deliver courses to you in a variety of formats designed to ignite your engagement, increase your learning, and boost your performance.  We believe knowledge is a competitive advantage and when you know more, you provide a higher level of professional service. 

Now CPE is more fun than ever!  Discover a new way to earn your CPE credit with short and immersive games.  Deepen your knowledge and master real-world application by completing true-to-life challenges in our interactive simulations.  You won't find CPE games like this anywhere else.  Explore the Surgent Difference and try Surgent Interactive today!

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