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Tax Reform CPE Courses


Get the latest, most practical coverage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and what it means for CPAs, Accountants, Tax Practitioners, and their clients

Surgent brings you the timely, comprehensive tax reform coverage you need to confidently handle questions and issues related to the largest change to the tax code in more than 30 years. Our new tax reform CPE courses shown below will fully inform you on all aspects of that Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In addition, our internal team of experts continues to develop new courses as the full breadth of the law’s impacts becomes clear--and as its points of confusion for tax practitioners become evident.

Want access to all of Surgent's tax reform content all year? Then be sure to purchase an Unlimited Plus Package. This 12-month package includes access to all live webinars, all downloadable PDF courses, and all on-demand webcasts. And it's the ONLY package that includes premium courses (and many of the new tax update courses are designated as premium).

There has frankly never been a time when you need Surgent CPE more than you do now. Our courses will fully inform you on all aspects of tax reform including:
•    Reduction in individual and corporate tax rates
•    Taxation of pass-through entities
•    Deduction of home mortgage interest
•    State and local tax deductions
•    New alimony rules
•    Repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate
•    Standard deduction and itemized deductions
•    Child tax credit
•    Use of §529 accounts
•    Survival of personal AMT and repeal of corporate AMT
•    Estate and gift tax
•    New limitations on business losses
•    New depreciation rules and §179 expensing
•    Business interest
•    Modification of NOL rules
•    New credit for employer-paid family and medical leave
•    Repatriation of foreign funds
•    Plus many specialized topics

We know you’ll have lots of questions as you start to learn more about this massive new law. Stick with Surgent’s experts who will continue to update all of our courses and provide new content on areas of particular need.

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CPE Webinars

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