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Surgent Interactive - Business Development

Surgent Interactive now includes a Business Development series of courses that pairs leading educational content with hands-on practice. Learners apply core business and professional development principles as they move throughout each game – from analyzing and choosing candidates best suited for referrals to overcoming interruptions and distractions to successfully manage a busy workday.

These skills are necessary in today’s accounting and finance workplace. They improve one’s productivity,  time management and communication skills.

In each game, points are scored by asking relevant questions, identifying errors, and asserting proper follow-up procedures for the situations. Learners earn CPE credits in a fun, immersive way.

Topics include: 
• New client acquisition
• Personal business contacts
• Time management

Business Development: Referral Rally (BDV1)

Participants play the role of a consultant brought into an accounting firm that needs help building new business and restoring their sales pipeline. Players apply core business development principles as they move from analyzing networking groups to meet people that most closely align with the company’s vision to choosing the right contacts that will best lead to referrals for the struggling company. The game’s accompanying video, “Business Development for Accounting and Other Professionals” provides additional reinforcement of the topics and learning objectives.

Major Topics:

  • Networking organizations
  • Obtaining referral sources


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Business Development Referral Rally

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Business Development: Time Management (BDV2)

Participants have nine hours before tonight’s birthday party, and as they begin the workday, they must review and prioritize their task list to maximize productivity. How much can they get done? As they set off on their day by clicking through each task on the list, they will encounter interruptions and distractions from colleagues. Players must manage these interruptions while staying on track. Their responses will affect the day’s priorities as well as the number of hours they consumed throughout the day.

Major Topics:

  • Managing interruptions
  • The role of to-do lists
  • Creating an effective time management plan
  • Staying on track of your time management plan
  • Blocking out time

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Business Development Time Management

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Earn credit while enjoying an immersive and fun CPE in a gamified format.


Surgent CPE


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